Sunday, March 27, 2011

Take a Look at This!

Last year at retreat I fell in love with the “Two Hour Purse” that many of the participants had.  The purse was made at the previous retreat that I hadn’t been able to attend.  I looked for the pattern and finally found it.  I made mine this retreat. 
I quite a bit enjoyed the bag as I carried it through Customs going to Jamaica.  It was also great when it was time to carry the camera, book and knitting to the beach.  Pics of our time in Jamaica will come soon.  I did make some adjustments and some mistakes.  Do you really think that it is a 2 hour project? This is left over backing from the “KING”.

I have managed to get caught up on the blogs and the laundry is going.  We arrived home late last night.  The camera (new and I don’t know how to run it) battery is dead.  I managed to get 1 quick picture off of it (above) before it died again.
I am off to do some more laundry and I need to workout….boy do I need to work out. The food was great.  

The airplane project was my never ending pair of socks.  They are getting close.

Just Another Quilter

Monday, March 14, 2011

Recent Quilting Retreat

Last weekend I headed out of town.  I landed in a small town with a church camp.  I did lots of sewing.  The March UFO Challenge by Judy L. was completed.  I am so excited that I finally finished a project.  This quilt is an old leader and ender project.  One retreat I made lots of 4 patches.  After returning home I started playing with them on the design wall and decided on this pattern.  It can be found on under 16patch & pinwheels.  I just was careful with the coloring.
The blocks IMG_4289 web_1_1are quilted with baptist fans.  The green with a large meandering.  The eggplant has just a line through it.  This gives me some time to work on the UFO quilts from January and February.
More pictures and stories to come.  I am taking another week off and will post again later in the month.