Tuesday, February 26, 2013


The Turning Twenty Simply Sashed came back from the quilters.  The binding is almost done.  It looks great on the deck railing.  Bailey wanted to get into the picture today.DSC01296 (1024x768)
Soon the deck will be full of snow.  We are scheduled to get 3-5” of snow with high winds this afternoon.  The schools have issued an early out for the girls.  MJJR is disappointed.  What middle schooler wouldn’t want to come early.  One who has a basketball game scheduled against the arch rival and is predicted to win.  Yesterday’s game was a close match with MJJR hitting a 3-pointer with 0.8 seconds left on the clock to tie up the game and lead the team into overtime.  The team lost in overtime, but what a great game. 
Lola has logged over 1000 miles looking at colleges and interviewing for scholarships at 2 different universities.  Understand, Lola is a perfectionist with lots of drive.  At this point the decision is: who will offer the most money and what can each school offer her, not will I get in.  With that same knowledge, pray for this girl as she makes these hard choices in the next 2 weeks.  Also, as she learns there are all kinds of people in the world and some are more difficult to work with than others.  Pray that she holds her own and stands up for the decisions that she has made.  Pray for those that still haven’t learned what leadership truly is and teach them that giving respect will help them get respect and to not just rule with an iron hand.
Off to get the hair trimmed and pick up salt for both the driveway and water softener.

Just Another Quilting Mother