Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dyeing Away

Things are either very quiet or swamped here.  Right now....Lets just say the gators are moving in.  Games out of town, Lola home from school, DH with some very hard days at work, and chauffeuring myself and MJJR all over.

On April 4th, the local library had a serial dilution dyeing class.  This library has different dyeing classes including: ice dyeing, painting or stamping, texturizing, and the serial dilution dyeing.  This was my first experience with the serial dilution dyeing.  I have taken the other classes before.
The biggest issue with hand dyed fabric is bleeding.  The dyes need to be intense to get the beautiful colors, but must be fully set and rinsed out to not leach dye onto the nearby fabrics.  Remember my bleeding experience.  Don't want to relive that one!

So it was time to set those dyes.  It should be said that during my "bleeding experience" a product line was discussed.  Synthrapol is a product to remove dyes that have bled.  Retayne is a product to set dyes to keep them from bleeding.  These products were not used in the "bleeding experience".  
So back to my current hand dyed fabric.  There is 30 bags of the serial dilutions and another 10 or so bags of "why not try that".
DSC02845 (1024x768)
I started with 5 bags of the serial dilutions by rinsing out the fabric with cold water and placing them back in the same bag with white vinegar.  Then I stopped…out of white vinegar.  Went to Sam's Club…bought 2 gallons of white vinegar ($3.56).  Next day, rinsed out more and loaded up a total of 15 of the serial dilutions with vinegar.  Headed over to the LQS and purchased a small bottle of Retayne for $3.  The bottle of Retayne states "drain excess dye and add to fabric".  Well, blew that didn't I.  Soooo. Rinsed vinegar out and soaked fabric of similar colors in a bucket of water and Retayne.  Rinsed out the Retayne and hung them out to dry.  Here is the first set.
DSC02849 (1024x768)
The next set is from those after the Retayne was purchased.  The fabric was squeezed out and placed in a bucket of water and Retayne, with like colors together.  It is funny, the water/Retayne starts to turn opaque as you add the fabric to it.  Some of the color leaves but most of it stays.  After the Retayne soak, the fabric was placed back in the bag with vinegar.  The next day….rinsed and hung out to dry.
DSC02856 (1024x768)

Hanging the small pieces of fabric on the pea pod trellis worked great.  The peas are planted and are just starting to break the surface.  Mind you, it snowed today.  What month is this anyway???  April (snow) showers, will it ever bring May's flowers. 
These fabrics are hoping to combine with the fabric exchange neutrals.  My inspiration.  Baby Waves by Kaye Wood.
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Friday, April 11, 2014

On the Needles

My knitting obsession started when Judy L. at the Patchwork Times, generally a quilting site, kept posting pictures of her socks.  These were some of the coolest socks.  As I had learned how to knit as a child (and hated every minute of it) I knew that at some point I would attempt my own pair of socks.  The time came when I was off to help my dad recover from hip surgery.  A quilting project was much bigger than I wanted.  A couple books checked out from the library followed by a stop at a yarn store and I left for my journey home.  A few dishcloths were made the first couple days.  After I was sure I could knit & purl, the socks were started.  When it was time to "turn the heel" I found our local library had a knitting group.  Now a regular member, MJJR also enjoys going to the group and working on her homework while we visit and knit.  In the last 2 1/2 years: 4 pairs of socks, a tank top, boot liners and a winter outer cowl (which I promptly lost) have been completed.
This project, Clapotis, was started on March 12th.  My gauge is off just a bit and it isn't as wide as I had hoped.  Maybe an edging is needed.  Currently three more dropped stitch repeats were added past the pattern requirements.  It is supposed to measure 21" x 55".
DSC02847 (1024x550)
  Lola is making the trip home from college for the weekend.  MJJR has a last minute basketball tournament out of town.  DH…working. : (   Lola is home for good at the beginning of next month.  Yeah!  She doesn't really come home to see us….the boyfriend is also home from college for the weekend.
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Recent Class

Last week the local library gave a fabric dyeing class.  We had a good time.  The library has many very artistic employees.  This means very artistic programs for patrons.  DSC02836 (1024x768)
We are given 3 dyes.  We mix the dyes according to directions.  These serial dilutions have the colors going from 100% of one dye to 100% of the next dye.  There is 30 different combinations.
DSC02835 (1024x768)
The dyes are added to the fabric and sit for 24 hours.  The complete directions were on the board.DSC02837 (1024x768)
The colorways available to choose were: Tutti Frutti, Sea & Sky, Fall, Earthy Tones just to name a few.  I went with the Sea & Sky.  Before anyone asks….brand of dye is unknown….it is a powder that is already made up into into a liquid filling a quart mason jars.
DSC02845 (1024x768)
Picked up some Retain yesterday.  It says to use it before you originally rinse out the dye.  These are soaking in vinegar trying to hold more of the dye.  Hopefully all will be rinsed, "Retained" and dried.   
I am hoping to make "Baby Waves" by Kaye Wood out of my Neutral swap fabric and these hand dyed fabrics if they ever stop running.
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Monday, April 7, 2014

Design Wall Monday—April 7, 2014

The quilting is done on the Spring Flower Quilt that was made in honor of our sewing friend Elaine.  Today the edges will be trimmed and the binding attached.  We meet on Thursday.

We had our 5" fabric exchange last week.  Look at all the variety.  The category-Neutrals- will work great in a quilt.  This is half of the stack.  These have a plan.  Let's see how long it takes.

DSC02839 (1024x768)

The portable design wall is looking new.  This started as a 2 Cake Layer, Tonga Batiks, that DH brought home from a trip.  These were the leftovers after making the "Batik Brown Quilt" for my  nephew.  These were brighter and more flowery in appearance.  DSC02840 (1024x1014) This pattern is adapted from Anasazi Medallion Quilt from the Moda Bake Shop.

The more permanent design wall located in the sew room….nothing has changed. DSC02746 (834x1024)

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Happy Sewing,

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


DH is an engineer.  Anyone who knows one has just smiled a little bit.  Most DYI types have some engineering blood in them.  They can make things work, create projects and love when the kids ask someone to "fix this".  My DH made me a quilting frame back in the mid 1990's.  PVC piping was the rage and it allowed you to snap the quilt in place.  DH just "needed" to make me one of those.  The only project that ever made it into the frame was a preprinted cross-stitch panel dad gave me for Christmas.  Eventually it was finished and is MJJR's baby quilt.  The frame has been mostly dismantled over the years.  It did work great for the girls forts and occasionally a clothes drying rack.

It now has a home….DSC02814 (1024x783)

Check out my "engineer" skills.  One fancy greenhouse.  The spinach, radishes and peapods are planted.  The unit is sitting over the dryer vent for a little extra warmth right now. 

With the extra tough winter the fish in the lake didn't fair too well.  Fishing so far this year just requires a net as the carcasses drift to the edge.  Most of the lake is still frozen.  More fish turn up every day.  The DNR is recommending all large fish come out.  Currently the 'coons are leaving the bird feeders alone.  Lots of bones can be found around the lake.  It does help that we do not have to drag all the dead stuff away.  Mother Nature at her best.  I just wish she didn't throw such a great winter party with so much snow and cold.

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