Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Bag

Yesterday was our guild meeting.  For the last few years the guild's January meeting has been a UFO Challenge. That means some time during the year you commit to finishing a project before the January meeting.  It is 2 fat quarters or $5 for each entry.  When you show a completed piece in January your entry cost is returned. The finished pieces are compared, and the top 3 are awarded a prize by viewers choice.   In March, I signed up the Grand Illusion and Quilter's Scrapbook.  Both were completed.  Those 2 quilts needed to go in yesterday.  The top made with Grand Illusion leftovers also went in.  The 2 baby quilts along with Scrappy Flowers needed to go for show & tell before gifting. That means 5 quilted pieces needed to go and a top. My big bag to carry just not very big.  A big quilt will fit, if it is crammed in. So, I decided to make a bag big enough. Here is the finished product.

The dark is blue jean yardage. The sides are Lola's old pant legs. The handles are the another part of Lola's pants. The liner is fabric that DH brought back from a business trip to Mexico. It needed to be big. 
You can see it holds lots. It is strong and just what was needed. Too bad the handles didn't make it on until this morning. It sure did feel good to the large pieces of batting, lining and jean fabric out of the stash. Hauling out all the other fabrics totally destroyed the sew room.  Most of it was put back together today. 

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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Last Minute Finishes

The year is quickly coming to an end.  The quilting that was done isn't always seen here.  We have neighbors with new babies.   So far all new babies in the neighborhood receive a quilt close to birth.  These are no exception.
The newest one, coming any day, is a girl.  This Fat Quarter Shop quilt is cute and quick.  Charm Box is demonstrated on YouTube by Kimberly.
This is slightly bigger and probably should have added an inner border-yellow or black.  The sides of the outside border were already on and cut to size before the thought crossed my mind.

The second quilt is for another neighbor.  This one you guys checked out in progress earlier.  This quilt is the Cozy Quilt Design Strip Club-Blurred Lines.  Here is the YouTube video.  No measurements given except 2 1/2" strips.  The accent pieces are probably larger in this quilt than the original.  The baby boy's dad is a veteran and the fabric is leftover from my stepdad's QOV.
Thanks for stopping by in 2016.  Next year will have some monumental moments.  MJJR graduates from high school.  Lola will graduate from college.  DH will hopefully retire.  That leaves us free as a  bird as our nest will be empty.  Some of the long time blogging buddies, I may be in your part of the country/world.......

Happy New Year
Just Another Quilter

Friday, December 30, 2016

Finish It Up Friday

This is the last of the Friday for 2016.  I have a few finishes for this year that have not been shared.  Here is one.

Here is the beginnings of the quilt a couple years ago.  It is based on the Moda Bake Shop pattern Anasazi Medallion quilt by Shannon Mower.

Now for the finished product.  My step dad is a Vietnam Veteran.  He served our country in the Navy on the USS Myles C. Fox.  He ship was stationed in the Tonkin Gulf.   

The anchors were machine appliquéd down after edges were starched and pressed under.  The patches were found on except the patch from his ship was found on eBay.  The large center motif is a transfer of a window cling. 

He is a retired railroad yard master.  That means he gets to tell the trains where to go when.  This train fabric is just what the back needed.

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Keep sewing.  Check back in for a couple more 2016 quilts. 

Just Another Quilter

Monday, November 14, 2016

Design Wall Monday November 14th

Yesterday the finishes to the top was put on the Quilt of Valor quilt I have been working on.  It will go on the long arm tomorrow.  I will show a picture soon.  It is for my step-dad.  Currently it is a surprise.  He is no way will read this.  If mom has it up on her computer, I don't want him to see a picture....he might ask whose quilt.

So, today...picked up the parts and pieces left behind from the Quilt of Valor and started a baby quilt for a neighbor.   The leftovers fit together well.  Her husband is a veteran. They are having a boy.  She has been on bed rest for the last couple months. It might be a quick pattern, but I hope it is just what they need.

YouTube videos have become much of my daily entertainment.  Most of us know of the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  The videos have great instruction and loads of ideas for pre-cuts.  (My  pre-cuts often come from just cutting up scraps.)  Lessons on machine quilting, knitting, applique, and even how to clean the carburetor on your tractor.  DH husband loves to watch all the different things too. 

My newest find is the Strip (2 1/2" inch fabric) Club from Cozy Quilt Designs outside of San Diego.  Many of these patterns can be found in your LQS.  Daniela Stout and her mother work together to bring a new pattern each month based on a jelly roll.  Daniela is a hoot to watch.  Just Love Her Humor.   There is usually 2 quilts in different colors to compare.  Sometimes the audience brings in the quilts that were made from last months pattern.  These patterns make it look hard but not be hard.  Right up my alley. 

This is the start of the Cozy Quilt Designs pattern Blurred Lines.  I estimated on the sizes of the yellow strips.  These sizes aren't given on the videos, however, most of the smaller yellow strips were left from the QOV.  That is how the smaller size was chosen--mine was 1 1/8"--yep really.  The larger yellow strip was cut at 1 3/4".  The sashing and inner border will be white.  The outer border.....Blue or Red.  Will have to see what jumps out of the stash.   Which would you go with? 

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Friday, October 28, 2016

Finish It Up Friday

Early this summer I finished up a quilt. Thought it was time to share.

This quilt is Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt from 2014-Grand Illusion. It is based on the décor at the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island in Michigan. Mackinaw Island holds a dear place in my heart as I passed near it many times through my college career.

Grand Illusion was completed while Bonnie was in our area back in June.

I decided to go with a slightly smaller version than the original design. My leftover corner parts from the main block were put together and then framed with black prints (5" charms) to make this second piece.  The outer border was found on clearance at Michael's.  This is a top at this point.

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Keep sewing.
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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

WIP. A Christmas Tradition Quilt

Every year our church has a fabulous open house. One of the rooms is the Silent Auction Room.  This room is pure profit because the church members do a little fall cleaning and bring the items to the church.  Some of the members get together to make a quilt every year. We have been doing this for almost 10 years now. The quilt tends to one of the biggest money makers in the the room.

Here it the progress for this years quilt.  The sashing is borrowed from Canuck Quilter's sashing found in the Quilter's Scrapbook. 

The blocks are done and a couple borders are all that is left before it makes it to the longarm.
These squares started as bonus square leftover from last years quilt that included snow ball blocks.
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Keep sewing!  Just Another Quilter

Friday, October 21, 2016

Finish it Up Friday-Scrappy

Tuesday was my presentation at one of the local guilds. My goal was to finish up a scrappy quilt I was working on as "Using Your Scraps and Stash" was the topic.
Here you can get a little idea of the direction of the quilt.

Here is the pile still waiting for some attention. 

Here is the finished product. The last binding stitches were put in at 4pm. Not much before the 7pm presentation. It feels good to set a goal and achieve it. 

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Happy Quilting,
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