Monday, August 6, 2018

Mah Jong 9 Patches

Most of my quilty friends know not to ask how many projects are IN PROGRESS.  So many of my quilts "in progress" have begun as leader and ender projects.  I have made a couple quilts from 9 patches that were made between other quilts.  

This one is based on Bonnie Hunter's Zig Zag 9 Patch.  It is still within the family collection and was completed in 2015.
Note the border is purple, not blue as the picture appears.  

Here is the latest quilt.  I love just a little black and some appliqué in most of my quilts.  Check out the quilt on our "his & her" Adirondack chairs.  We made these from a large pallet delivered from a home improvement center.  We made these chairs on the weekends while we split our time between our home and work a couple hours away. So far my DH has yet to join me sitting in the chairs.
I enjoy downloading a magazine on my mobile device and having some coffee (or other refreshment) while reading overlooking the lake.

You can see how close the chairs are to the lake.  We have 3...yes 3 snapping turtles that have made a home in the lake.  They like to hang out just in front of the chairs.
Check out the "lifesavers" added to the corners.  This is similar to some of tiles in my Mahjong screen version.  This time the corners were appliquéd down as part of the quilting itself.
DH has requested that this quilt stay within the family.  That is one way to tell it is a hit!

Hopefully come 2019, this will be a class offering through the Mississippi Valley Quilters Guild.

So FYI, I now have 2 guilds, Mississippi Valley Quilters Guild and Prairie Star Quilters Guild.  Both of them has shows coming up.  Both shows are great.  Here are the links to the guild websites.  I hope to check them both out.

MVQG-Mississippi Valley Fair Grounds, Davenport, IA  September 21 & 22
PSQG-DuPage County Fair Grounds, Wheaton, IL  October 12 & 13

Just Another Quilter,

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Ready for Binding

After a year and a is ready for binding.

This is the quilt I said I would not make.....

Do you recognize it?  It is different than others you have seen.  I changed the background to black and shifted some colors.  Oh! and 1 sashing difference.

It is "En Provence".  Bonnie Hunter's 2016 mystery.

Why wouldn't I make it?  Enough projects were going. Didn't have time, high school senior, just plain ole too much going on.

Why did I change my mind? 

The scrap crystal quilt was using many of the same size and colors.  Might as well just run some of the mystery stuff through the machine.  So glad I did.  I just love both quilts.

Recently had the opportunity to take a Bonnie class in St. Charles, IL

Coming soon....progress on Cathedral Stars.  So excited that I had the opportunity to take this class with a newer friend, Shawn.  Definitely a good new friend.  She so kindly put me up after the Bonnie class.  This was needed since DH has now retired and we have moved out of the temporary housing.  It is so nice to be back in our own house.  I will dearly miss all the new knitting and quilty friends from the Chicagoland area.

Keep may just swing to the quilty side.  Reporting here should happen more frequently.

Just Another Quilter, Jane

Thursday, March 1, 2018


One Monthly Goal

Last year my goal of a quilt finish every month was close but not quite achieved. The list of finishes might be close to 1 a month.....but it wasn't close to the list of projects that I wanted to complete.  How does that happen....finish quilts but a number of UFO’s still exist. This was on the 2017 UFO list.

One of the ways this occurs is by not getting the "quilting" done.  I’m not doing much on the long arm lately, spending too much time with DH in the apartment.  That means lots of tops hanging around.  Scrap Crystals, the June 2016 Bonnie Hunter class is now off the machine and done.

My goal on this one was to practice diagonal straight line.  These are pretty good....a whole lot of them are awful.

I do like the design on the sashing.  It is amazing how an arched template and a little imagination can make a neat design.

The binding was put on in the apartment, a quick photo with the snow on the porch.

This quilt is now on the long arm.  So this month the goal is to get it off the machine.  Then the binding can put stitched down in the apartment.  Not today.  Sewing at my besties house for the day!

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Happy Stitching,
Just Another Quilter

Saturday, February 24, 2018

A Recent Class

Our small group that meets at the local library let on Tuesday. One of the members is a retired LQS owner. She did a class on working with stripes.
This is a rough style of cotton purchased years ago. After shopping for a stripe for the project, it was nice to find this in my stash.

The blocks are cut and just need a little more sewing. It goes together so quickly.
Here is the coordinating fabrics.

Not sure how all this will go together, but it is sure to be a soothing quilt. Some of the stripe patterns can be hard on the brain as they pulse when you look at them.

Can’t wait to see how this all turns out.

Happy Quilting,
Just Another Quilter

Friday, November 3, 2017

Finished This One!

With the recent wanderings, I decided to join a quilt guild close to the present location.  This is a way to make some friends in the area and to venture out.  The October speaker was Melissa Corry of  I enjoy Melissa's site. My theory of "make it look hard but not be hard" falls into her style, along with "let the fabric do some of the work for you."

 This is one of her first Moda Bake Shop recipes-Sugar, Pop N Change.  This is the second time of making this project.  Here is the previous.  The applique occurred when no more fabric was available from a vacation fabric purchase.  
The most recent quilt is All Framed Up.  Just a little Sugar, Pop N Change has applique and hers doesn't.  This one has applique and mine doesn't.  It is destined for a teenager.

Hoping to put a new top on the longarm soon.  It is between these 2 quilts....

Scrap Crystals-Bonnie Hunter  
This just needs the outer border.  The back fabric is planned.

The left overs from the previous Grand Illusion-Bonnie Hunter Mystery-2015??
No idea for the back.  Binding is made.
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Let me know which one to throw on the machine.......Just Another Quilter

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


I can't believe it has been so long since posting.  Some life happened not long after the previous post.
I am now a happy wandering gypsy with my husband.  This will extend into the summer.

Both Lola and MJJR are happy and moving into the next phase of life.  Lola is working in the publishing/online software business in the Chicago area.  We go look at apartments with her this weekend.

MJJR is a freshmen in college in Indiana, about 1 hour away from my whole family.  It is so nice to see her thriving and making good adult decisions. Mom & her sister (my aunt) went and watched her basketball game last night.

All this means that so much more time is available for sewing, knitting and all the good stuff.

Back before the eclipse.....I tested Joanne's pattern....Eclipse Sky.  It hung in the local Botanical Center during the Eclipse.  It is still a top, but is just beautiful.
I see in my photos...there was a nice night out at the ball park.
A visit to Shedd Aquarium in Chicago
A beautiful walk at dusk.
And my first bus ride to a quilt show.  Madison Quilt Expo.  OOOOhhh......I will be taking more trips now that we have a empty nest.

The Christmas Traditions Silent Auction quilt is off the long arm.
Another quilt is a piece based on Melissa Corry's All Framed UP.
The binding is going on today.  Got the opportunity to meet her last week!

Hope to be a little more predictable......even if life isn't.

Happy Quilting,  Life is what you make it....So make it!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

MJJR's Graduation Quilt

My youngest (MJJR) graduated from high school last month. It has been busy with prepping the house for a grad party, banquets, senior nights, and let's not forget Lola graduated from college just a few days ago.  That included moving her back home.

Lola is going to be working remotely in the academic publishing industry. She has chosen to work from our house (home!) right now.  That will change, probably in the fall.  That will probably also be in Indiana.

MJJR heads to Indiana in the fall for school...make that soon for orientation.

Here are the graduation quilts and recipients. These are all wonderful young ladies.  It was a pleasure to hand these quilts out. All were instructed to USE their quilts.

Off to work on a quilt for an upcoming lecture..."Enhancing Your Quilts with Appliqué".

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Pictures are coming soon.
Happy Quilting,
Just Another Quilter