Monday, December 1, 2014

Design Wall Monday-A Grand Illusion

The Mystery has begun.  Saturday and Sunday the sewing room was bustling.  My stash of turquoise is dismal, so in its place is blues.  Hopefully these are light enough to not compete with the greens later.  The color pops nicely especially with the black.

The stack on the left still need to have black added.  Thinking a fabric run is in order.  The black supply is dwindling.
There are quite a few peachy ones in the group of pinks.   

Which yellow do you like?
Our other big news! MJJR has her drivers license. It is just a little sad when your baby doesn’t need you to haul her EVERYWHERE.  We now have a parking lot in the driveway…..Friends come over……a mess.  Must have patience.  Our driveway was never friendly when it had 2 cars, now.  UUGH.   A few years back we hosted the Homecoming primping session… paint transfer occurred.

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