Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Latest project

I have been trying not to sit in front of the computer so much.  We moved wood from the pile at the end of the yard today.  We are trying to get the yard ready for the winter.  We have a hard time moving the tractor in the snow.  It isn’t that it doesn’t want to move, it just wants to slide on the snow right toward the water.  So, we moved it today, now I can have a fire on the next cold day.  The fireplace is cleaned out and I have wood. 
I gave a little teaser of fabric sitting on the cutting board.  This is the quilt I’m teaching next month.  I wanted to get the top done.

It turned out well.  The outside is a border print.  The pattern was free from a LQS with the purchase 5-1yd cuts of fabric. The pattern and fabric have been sitting in my stash for a about 1 year.  I changed one of the cuts from my original purchase of a dark orange mottled to the green & black print on the recommendation of Lola.  I also had enough fabric to add an additional row of blocks…it needed to be slightly larger.  Since it was a border print, I purchased more than the 1 yard cut.  I did not want to run out.   There still was not have enough to miter the corners, oh well.  I think it still turned out nice.  I still need to cut the binding. 
Well, I am off to work on a project for my niece.  I hope to show you pics next week.
Happy Sewing,
Just Another Quilter

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Getting Down to Business

I often loose track of time while I am on line surfing.  Looking at quilt patterns, quilting blogs, fabric stores, etc.  I am sure that you all know what I am talking about. 
I wanted to get more done in life.  Utilize the time I had better.  I have actually not always kept up on blogs.  I have had to play catch up at times and re-read items that I skimmed over before.  What have I been doing………SEWING!
Here is the pic of the Christmas Traditions Quilt for the church.  I need to quilt it yet.  I certainly had help from the other church quilt ladies.  The poinsettia print is leftovers from the soldier stockings made last year.  The other fabrics came out of my stash.
DSC00713 (1024x576)
After I finished getting the Christmas Traditions Quilt layered up, I picked up an older project.  This other project had been my “leaders and enders” project.  I worked on it quite a bit at retreat back in March.   This is fabric my husband brought back from his business trip to Nebraska.  I made a couple wrong cuts with the Turning Twenty Simply Sashed pattern.  A few clicks of the mouse and the replacement fabric was in transit.  I could not find that fabric at any of the LQS. 
DSC00712 (1024x555)
My version has all 4 corners the same raspberry color, thanks to my ooops (along with almost 1 yard of fabric for the stash).  The fabric is “Rock Candy” by Mark H. (I can’t remember how to spell his last name.)  His most notable fabric line is “Fairy Frost”.  This “Rock Candy” line also has the metallic sheen “Fairy Frost” is know for.
Now to my current project….I WILL be teaching a class in November.  I need to finish up the sample in the next few days.  Here is the stack of goodies.  The alternating block is done.  I just have to sew the stack of cut fabric.  There is a seam on each sides of the piece you see there, then the blocks are all done.
DSC00719 (1024x576)
See how neat I am (NOT!!)
Hope to see you all in blogland. 
Just keep on a quilting,
Just Another Quilter