Friday, November 3, 2017

Finished This One!

With the recent wanderings, I decided to join a quilt guild close to the present location.  This is a way to make some friends in the area and to venture out.  The October speaker was Melissa Corry of  I enjoy Melissa's site. My theory of "make it look hard but not be hard" falls into her style, along with "let the fabric do some of the work for you."

 This is one of her first Moda Bake Shop recipes-Sugar, Pop N Change.  This is the second time of making this project.  Here is the previous.  The applique occurred when no more fabric was available from a vacation fabric purchase.  
The most recent quilt is All Framed Up.  Just a little Sugar, Pop N Change has applique and hers doesn't.  This one has applique and mine doesn't.  It is destined for a teenager.

Hoping to put a new top on the longarm soon.  It is between these 2 quilts....

Scrap Crystals-Bonnie Hunter  
This just needs the outer border.  The back fabric is planned.

The left overs from the previous Grand Illusion-Bonnie Hunter Mystery-2015??
No idea for the back.  Binding is made.
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Let me know which one to throw on the machine.......Just Another Quilter

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


I can't believe it has been so long since posting.  Some life happened not long after the previous post.
I am now a happy wandering gypsy with my husband.  This will extend into the summer.

Both Lola and MJJR are happy and moving into the next phase of life.  Lola is working in the publishing/online software business in the Chicago area.  We go look at apartments with her this weekend.

MJJR is a freshmen in college in Indiana, about 1 hour away from my whole family.  It is so nice to see her thriving and making good adult decisions. Mom & her sister (my aunt) went and watched her basketball game last night.

All this means that so much more time is available for sewing, knitting and all the good stuff.

Back before the eclipse.....I tested Joanne's pattern....Eclipse Sky.  It hung in the local Botanical Center during the Eclipse.  It is still a top, but is just beautiful.
I see in my photos...there was a nice night out at the ball park.
A visit to Shedd Aquarium in Chicago
A beautiful walk at dusk.
And my first bus ride to a quilt show.  Madison Quilt Expo.  OOOOhhh......I will be taking more trips now that we have a empty nest.

The Christmas Traditions Silent Auction quilt is off the long arm.
Another quilt is a piece based on Melissa Corry's All Framed UP.
The binding is going on today.  Got the opportunity to meet her last week!

Hope to be a little more predictable......even if life isn't.

Happy Quilting,  Life is what you make it....So make it!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

MJJR's Graduation Quilt

My youngest (MJJR) graduated from high school last month. It has been busy with prepping the house for a grad party, banquets, senior nights, and let's not forget Lola graduated from college just a few days ago.  That included moving her back home.

Lola is going to be working remotely in the academic publishing industry. She has chosen to work from our house (home!) right now.  That will change, probably in the fall.  That will probably also be in Indiana.

MJJR heads to Indiana in the fall for school...make that soon for orientation.

Here are the graduation quilts and recipients. These are all wonderful young ladies.  It was a pleasure to hand these quilts out. All were instructed to USE their quilts.

Off to work on a quilt for an upcoming lecture..."Enhancing Your Quilts with Appliqué".

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Pictures are coming soon.
Happy Quilting,
Just Another Quilter

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Recent Quilting...T-Shirt Quilts

Life is crazy around here.  Last weekend MJJR went to her first formal....senior Prom.  She promised her friends as a freshman she would attend senior prom.  She was beautiful.  My tomboy turned into a beautiful princess.  Her comment...."just like a wedding reception, mom.  The food was overrated and I don't think I missed a thing by not going before now."  MJJR is on the right.

MJJR's quilt is done except for handsewing the binding and adding the label.  No pictures yet.  She might see them.  It is a T-shirt quilt with her college emblem on the other side.

Lola graduates from college on Saturday.  We leave tomorrow to get her moved.  She is graduating with top honors.

MJJR graduates 7 days later.

Open House is another 7 days later.

Not long after that is college orientation for MJJR.

Here is one of the 2 T-Shirts quilts recently finished.  Front and Back.  It is now in her possession.

The purple back is fleece.  The UNI was cut with the Brother Scan and Cut.  It was enveloped and the edge top stitched.  It will be great for the football games.  The recipient wanted this quilt...little does she know that she will be getting this one for a graduation gift.

Well, better start on the binding while MJJR is at school.  Her last day is tomorrow.

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Finish it Up Friday-April 21st

There has been lots of sewing going on here. The Snappy Pink Lemonade quilt is done.

The quilting included some ruler work. The addition of a larger ruler base bed purchased by DH helps tremendously. This is the first ruler work that I felt comfortable performing.

It was the easier part of the quilt.  The coin sections have different styles of "feathers".  You can see the fern ones here. Nothing special but just what that space needed.
These fronds are rather fun.
The back is this soft flannel that has lived in the stash a very long time. 

 MJJR graduates in a month. Her top is done but not quilted. The back fabric was washed today.  Time to get up and check off some of the daunting task.  Most of the invitations are out.  The food and cake still need to be ordered.

Another graduate has asked for help with her T-shirt quilt. It contains many memories and it was exciting to help pull it all together.   I think fleece on the back in college colors will work great. The top should be together next time.

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Happy Sewing,
Just Another Quilter

Monday, March 13, 2017

A Snowy Design Wall Monday-Monday, March 13

We have received a significant amount of snow in the last 18 hours.  The start of 2017 has been dry and February was down right warm.  We ended up with about 5" of snow since last night.  It doesn't look like it will last too long.
The lake is looking cold and frigid.  Momma goose has been working on her nest, but she isn't sitting yet, good thing.

The geese are just a little out of their element.  They were hanging out by the road and look funny walking through the snow.  One of them has ice hanging from the beak.

We will see what this weather does for DH's trip to DC.  He was scheduled to leave this morning....his flight was canceled.  He has another flight tomorrow morning.  I think he will drive to Chicago today and drive home tomorrow.  No one will cancel anything yet.

Here is the design wall this morning. The center applique needs to be trimmed down yet.  I think some peachy leaf "things"might still be added to the center area.  The rest is together.  The body of the quilt has an inner border of white and you can see the dark burgundy going for the outer border.  The outer green is actually the quilt hanging in the sewing room acting as a design wall at the moment.  That is not part of the quilt.  The fabric below is the outer border.  All of the fabric above was found in the sew room....the print below was a visit to the LQS on Saturday.  It has been washed and cut.  The binding is done......hopefully it will make it to the machine Tuesday or Wednesday.

MJJR has an indoor track meet about 1hour away.  Lola and I are heading off to watch.  This is the first year MJJR has gone out for track.  She caught her spikes on her first race....tore all the skin off her hip and forearm.  Needed to spot treat the jersey.  Hopefully tonight will be less eventful.  She didn't wear her spikes after her spill last week and she has yet to practice in them due to weather conditions.  Maybe she can work on it before her races today.

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Finish IT UP Friday

Life has been busy here in the Midwest.  Lots of sewing.  DH has done much traveling for work. Our life really needs to be flexible.  Not to say it is bad....Life is GOOD, but the big things in life right now seem up in the air. 

What is UP in the air....DH job (has settled since December), where is Lola living in 2 months (not where she currently does, graduates college), MJJR will not be living here in August (off to college) just to name a couple of the big ones.  DH has done some major traveling in 2017-Atlanta, Chicago, DC, and Capetown, South Africa.  I am holding down the fort.  Here in a couple weeks DH begins the busy season.

The "girls" are both graduating, college and high school, one week apart!  Family is driving 4 hours for Lola's graduation, then back home, just to drive 5 1/2 hours to watch MJJR graduate the following weekend.  Lola's move is in there.  Baccalaureate ceremony is just 1 day after Lola's ceremony. 

So with some graduations, come some quilts for the graduates. 

Here is the latest graduate finish.  It is going to a basketball player that is so kind and precious!

This is a Charm square friendly quilt by Tamarack Shack,  Four Patch Charm.  This link has a little tutorial.  Kathy also shows where her inspiration came from.  I really enjoy this blog.  Tamarack Shack is located on the shores of Schist Lake, in Northern Manitoba.  Kathy is a longarm quilter.  You get to see many great quilts along with beautiful scenery.  Most days I am happy to look at her frozen lake vs. mine.  You can see the water behind this quilt.  The sugar maple on the right is just starting to bud out.  If your eyes cannot see it, my allergies will confirm it.

The next project is started....a repeat of an earlier quilt.  The Caribbean Blue Sea now lives in the Chicago area with our great niece (not a 2013 grad as planned, the recipient decided not to come to the graduation party-her loss).  A replica is now going to show off the applique for a presentation in July.  This time pink/rose/peaches.  Do you think it might get a "Design Wall Monday"???

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Happy Quilting
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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Bag

Yesterday was our guild meeting.  For the last few years the guild's January meeting has been a UFO Challenge. That means some time during the year you commit to finishing a project before the January meeting.  It is 2 fat quarters or $5 for each entry.  When you show a completed piece in January your entry cost is returned. The finished pieces are compared, and the top 3 are awarded a prize by viewers choice.   In March, I signed up the Grand Illusion and Quilter's Scrapbook.  Both were completed.  Those 2 quilts needed to go in yesterday.  The top made with Grand Illusion leftovers also went in.  The 2 baby quilts along with Scrappy Flowers needed to go for show & tell before gifting. That means 5 quilted pieces needed to go and a top. My big bag to carry just not very big.  A big quilt will fit, if it is crammed in. So, I decided to make a bag big enough. Here is the finished product.

The dark is blue jean yardage. The sides are Lola's old pant legs. The handles are the another part of Lola's pants. The liner is fabric that DH brought back from a business trip to Mexico. It needed to be big. 
You can see it holds lots. It is strong and just what was needed. Too bad the handles didn't make it on until this morning. It sure did feel good to the large pieces of batting, lining and jean fabric out of the stash. Hauling out all the other fabrics totally destroyed the sew room.  Most of it was put back together today. 

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