Thursday, December 23, 2010

Trying out Windows Live Writer

Bonnie Hunter mentioned that she tried Windows Live Writer.  A few months back I ended up with a new laptop.  I thought that I would try it also.
The quilts and runners for Christmas Traditions were gone before pictures were taken.  For Christmas Traditions, I helped with one of the open houses.  One of our quilters in the group opened up her house.  Two doors down is another woman from our group.  She is a long time quilter.  She stopped quilting back in 2001.  She was a handquilter and a handpiecer.  On display were over 25 quilts.  I was asked to help turn quilts and talk about patterns.  It was enjoyable, not only to spend time with a friend, but also to see area women (all visitors were women). It was fun to see her inspire those around us.  She is now 85 years old.  She square dances and is very active.  I can only hope that one day I will be brave enough for an open house and show my work.
I have failed pretty miserably to complete quilts in my UFO list for 2010.  I did some quilting on one of the quilts but did not finish a single quilt on the list.  That is not to say that I did not work on any quilts.  It is to say that I only finished the Christmas Traditions quilt.
I have decided to sign up for Judy L.’s UFO challenge.  I really need a deadline.  Here is how it is working.  We pick 12 projects and number them.  Each month she will pull and number.  We will have to finish that project within the month.  We also need to adapt the challenge for ourselves.  I have some tops that need to be finished and some tops that need to be quilted. 
Here is my list:
1. Scrappy 4 patches (quilt & bind)
2. Hoffman Turquoise Diamonds (finish top)
3. Floral Charm Quilt (quilt & bind)IMG_3135
4. Bright Chinese Coin w/ Applique (finish applique & quilt)
5. Sister to the Lodge Quilt (finish hand quilting & bind)
6. Christmas Alaskan Quilt (finish machine quilting & bind)
7. Dahlia
8. Christmas Table Runner
9. Socks—Knitted but I think they qualify
10. Round Robin QuiltIMG_3176
11. Grandmother’s Plates (fix the top & quilt)
12. Bonnie Hunter—Red, White & Blue Quilt (finish quilt as you go & be done!)

I will keep you informed on how things are moving along.  What number do you think will get drawn first?  I have my favorites.  I just hope that I can make some progress and show finished projects.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Late Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving Day came and went for our family. Last year we went to visit friends, this year we stayed home.  Lola has her first job.  She worked Wednesday until 8pm.  We really didn't want to start driving in the dark for family 6 hours away.  With the speed of life lately, we decided to stay home and just slow down.  If we slow down too much though we get grumpy with each other, too much together time causes family blow ups in our house.

We made the traditional turkey, 15lbs.  A lot for just the 4 of us.  I couldn't talk anyone into coming this year.  They are all coming around Christmas and don't want to make so many trips in a short period of time.  We made turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, dressing, and pumpkin pie.  We have so much food left.  Lola & hubby went out shopping on Friday.  They were out for quite awhile.  We have managed to get most of the shopping done.

We also watched a few movies.  I was looking forward to seeing  "Eat, Pray, Love".  I was disappointed with the movie.  The book is so much better. 

Lola and I went to watch "Harry Potter".  I have read the books, Lola has not.  We really enjoyed the movie.  We always try to see it on a "IMAX" screen.  I don't remember how it started, but after the first time seeing the wand fights on that really big screen, you just can't see them any other way.  One of the local cinemas just replaced a screen with an IMAX.  Before we have to travel almost an hour to the museum to see them.  I liked to walk around the museum before the movie.  We just hit the theater this time.  We didn't want to drive so far.  Lola drove there, that is always an adventure.  She is definitely getting better.  She is scheduled to get her license just after the holidays. 

We had decided to take day trip to break up the weekend (ward off those blow ups).  We went shopping to one of the local college towns.  Only Lola had been to the mall before.  We ate at Bennigans in the mall.  The local college game was on, it was fun to hear the crowd....touchdown!

The Christmas Traditions Quilt is just about done.  The outer borders are now on and the binding is being sewn down.  I am a little disappointed.  You can begin to see in the this pic that the blue and red coins are a little full.  The snowman quilting that was so great in the beginning, has shrunk the white fabric enough to have the colors puckering.  These coins were quilt as you go.  I was hoping to be done with this be now.  I quilted 3 lines lengthwise down the quilt, hoping to take in some of the fullness.  It wasn't enough.  So now I am meandering between those lines. It isn't hard just taking longer than I wanted.  Christmas Traditions is next weekend.  I am again waiting until the last minute to finish. 

I really enjoy The Patchwork Times by Judy L.  I have enjoyed watching her sock collection.  As a child I learned to tat, crochet, knit, cook, bake, garden, and quilt from my grandma's.  I did not enjoy knitting.  I could never get the hang of holding those long needles.  I had so many other crafts that I just learned and then never knitted again.  I watched Judy making socks.  She is quite the quilter, but I love to see her socks.  She collects yarn like a quilter collects fabric (she has a great stash too!).  I decided that I needed to try to make some socks.   So I am.  I started them while I was off taking care of my dad.  They are going slow.  I had to reteach myself how to knit.  It wasn't that bad.  I have dropped stitches...I have to fix this myself now.  Grandma always did that for me before.    It is coming along though.  I should have started with thicker yarn and bigger needles.  I find this out later.  Oh well.  I am dreading getting to the heel.  I will need to take a lesson when I get there, I think.  I am holding off taking the lesson until I really need it.   I am having a ball (hahaha!) working on them.  The technique is 2 socks on 2 circular needles, so when you are done you don't have to start over to make the second sock. 

Happy Knitting or Quilting!

Just Another Quilter (Knitter)

Monday, October 25, 2010

More Bibs

Thought I would show you the latest in my bib collection.  I wanted to make sure to get pics before I sent them off.  Meet the newest member of our family.  This precious thing came into the world in August.  We just found out about it-MEN!#?

She belongs to my husbands godson.  Check out 4 of the bibs I made.  I am hoping to quilt up a top that needs finishing.

If you click I the pic I think that it will enlarge it so you can see my Grandneice better.  We have been greataunts & uncle for amost 16 years.
Remember to make the most out of life.

Just Another Quilter

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Food & Fabric for thought

Things are just crazy around our house.  The husband has been away on business.  Lola started a new job, is working on the stage crew for her third play now and babysitting is picking up for her.  Not to mention her stomach is giving her fits (can we say stress--she just can't see it).   Lola gets her license in January.  So to add to these chauffeuring duties lets add:  MJJR started basketball practice, had a band concert, and was on the bottom of the pile in a basketball pile up (her head is tingling--can we say possible concussion).  It all seemed to come together when Lola's job was ending (doors locking, building closing for the night) while the concert was 1 hr into the 2 bands, 2 choirs & joint pieces for both the band and choir.  I realized this at 1pm.  Lots of fun!  A few calls with lots of pleases took care of the situation.  Boy, it would be nice to have some family in the area to help now and then.

The retreat that I usually attend is also this weekend.  DH told me a couple of weeks ago to just GO.  I laughed.  He suggested that I take off after school started on Friday (did I mention he is back in town but on call--currently working at 9am Saturday morn.  I really did need some of that quilting bonding time that comes with retreat, soo, I headed off on Thursday for about 3 hours.  I squared up some blocks and worked on a little hand quilting.  I had soup for lunch and talked with long lost friends.  It was great.

But this Saturday morning, it is cooler than recent days and raining.  We really need the rain, but I could do with out the dreariness.  To brighten my mood, I cook.  A neighbor offered a butternut squash last week and I took it.  Lola loves squash soup--found a recipe and made it up.  I thought I better try it  & realized that I also love squash soup.  Yesterday, found me a few more squash--a quilting buddy with a farm.  She offered me 3!  More soup!  This will turn into Butternut Squash Soup.  I really enjoy this site.  This pot was hit with a hand blender and quickly turned into a marvelous lunch.  Today the squash was a little smaller and I covered the pot.  Last time it had the consistency of mashed potatoes--I added some half & half.  Today it is a little thin. 

Next item to share--FABRIC!  Over the last few months, our family has taken a few trips, hit a few shops and just added to the stash because--well--I really wasn't sewing and wanted to feel like I was doing some quilting.  Imagining great quilts out of new fabric makes me feel that way.

The fabric is my souvenir from Maui.  The left was at the Maui Quilt Shop on the south side.  The right was at the quilt shop in the mall--yes, the mall.  The mall is right by the airport.   

DH headed off to Nebraska for work a few weeks ago.  The quilt shop had this quilt on display and he really liked it.  He brought everything home so he could have one too! 

Last thing--next week I am off to stay with my dad who got a new hip.  I will be in katiemaytoo 's neck of the woods.   

Off to work on some bibs.

Happy Quilting,

                                                          Just Another Quilter

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A couple of projects

I have been working on bibs for mjjr's coach.  She has had the same coach for a couple of sports for 2 years now.  These bibs are for their new baby.  Can you imagine have a baby and a 11 year old?  I am too old for that.
Here are 2 of the 4 that I made.  More are coming.  A coworker is having a shower on Sunday.  I haven't started hers yet.
This is the Christmas Traditions quilt and the up close quilting.  It is a quilt as you go for the coins.  I think that our group will have to do a little more quilting on the coins.The coins are a little baggy  because the dense quilting is shrinking the white. The ends still have snowmen fabric to put on.

happy quilting.

Just Another Quilter

Monday, October 4, 2010

I WON!!!

My mother came in town for the weekend.  We haven't seen much of each other the last few years.  My daughter had surgery last summer.  Mom took a bad spill on her bicycle and couldn't travel much. 

I have taken her for my quilters retreat before.  We don't really do any crafts together when she comes.  We just talk and I show her what I am working on and she tells me about hers.  (She picked up a new machine last month.) 

Mom & I were hunting through the internet for sock patterns and just looking around.  I love the socks Judy L. makes over at the Patchwork Times.  She is so funny.  Today is "Design Wall Monday".  Stop over and see what everyone is working on.  We found some hat patterns that might be interesting as Christmas is approaching. 

While we were hunting around I saw a new post from "KatieMaytoo".  She was announcing the winners for her recent giveaway.  I WON!!!!   I was so excited!  My mom came over, confused.  What did you win? How did you win?  I just had to explain all about friends on the internet. 

Earlier this year, I picked up a 5 gallon bucket of homegrown plums at church.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them....but I would find something.  I made something called Plum Buckle.  Boy was it good.  We also now have enough jam for the year!

Salsa was made, zucchini bread frozen, spaghetti sauce frozen, basil dried, pesto frozen, apple chips drying, apple/pear cheddar cheese pie ready to eat and one carrot cake eaten and one frozen.  Maybe the summer was busy & I wasn't so lazy.

Next to come---bibs, tablerunners and fabric.

Monday, September 27, 2010

What I did on my summer vacation.

Here are the some pics to follow up with my return. 
First are some pics from Hawaii.  We stayed off Black Rock in Maui.  We always seem to have an exciting time.  The excitement seems to follow us.  While there, fires shut down the road that connects Lahaina to the rest of Maui.  Teen idol Zack Ephron was present for a Movie Festival.  The end of the vacation was saddened by the disappearance of a snorkeler right in front of our room.  Four or five days emergency personnel were present in the ocean, of land and even in the parking lot.  We stayed out of the ocean for part of the day.  The Lola was afraid that she would have a life altering event.  Here is a pic of the area where we would wait for the bus.   We enjoyed the trip to the other side of the island.  This "ginger" bloom was just gorgeous.  We also went to the top of Haleakala.  This old volcano looks like something more from moon.
At the top of the mountain is the strangest looking plant.
 This plant looks like it is metallic.
  It grows for up to 25 years before it blooms and then dies. 
 The last pic is of the view in the evening from our window.  What a way to go to bed at night. 
Well I am saving some pics for next time.

Just Another Quilter

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Where have I been????

I can't believe that I have been gone for so long.  The kids finished school and it was suddenly busy. 

What I did on my summer vacation:
  1. Went to Maui for 2 weeks and---saw sea turtles, shopped, found a quilt shop in a mall, went for walks, saw cool flowers, hiked, went to an aquarium, watched a water bottle collapse coming down a  mountain, and read a few books.
  2. Watched some awesome fireworks for the 4th of July
  3. A daughter got her braces off
  4. Went to visit family in another state
  5. Picked up hours at work
  6. Watched lots of softball games
  7. Helped with Bible school
  8. Picked blueberries
  9. Picked tomatoes
  10. Made spaghetti sauce
  11. Made salsa
  12. Made plum jam
  13. Made zucchini bread
  14. Went swimming
  15. Went fishing
  16. Went to Mayo for a conference
  17. Sent the youngest kid to a new school (Middle School)
  18. Did very little quilting! 
What I did since the kids went back to school.  
  1. Remind dad to schedule the hip surgery that he really needs. 
  2. Hear that mother has yet again fallen of the bike. 
  3. Made scarf made from fabric purchased while at Mayo
  4. Finished bibs for baby born in July.  Still not delivered.
  5. Started a quilt as you go project for the Christmas Traditions
  6. Buy a new car
  7. Take old car in for brake problems
  8. Take other old car in for wheel bearing problems
  9. Go to local quilt show for 2 hours--not long enough but got to go.
  10. Take child for enlarged ear???? Infection? Allergies? Bite?
  11. Pick up hours at work
  12. Made a mission meal
I will get some pics in the next post.  Of food, flowers, cars, & quilt related stuff.  Tomorrow??!!!??

Just Another Quilter
where life gets in the way of quilting.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Red White & Green header

I was asked about the item I added behind the "The Ups & Downs of Quilting".  Several blogs I checked out had all the same formatting, colors & pictures.  I wanted to change things up a little bit.  So I added the picture.  The picture is of the fabric that I purchased in Alaska.  It can be seen in this quilt.  The fabric is blown up so much that it turned out pretty cool when I blurred it a little in the editing software.

I thought that this went well with the current blog colors & was fairly easy to just cover the picture that was already there.

Just Another Quilter

What's been going on!

We have been very busy lately.  The house is bustling with guests.  Mom & Step-dad left yesterday.  MJJR was promoted to the Middle School next year.  Lola finished with school too.  She is driving with her permit--her driving is coming along.  MJJR is playing softball.  Pictures were last night.  We didn't quite make it in time.  She has several pictures over the years.  We will take some pics before another game.  We were getting the teeth cleaned.  No cavities for either one of us.  DH & I went to the Dr. yesterday.  He is working at getting his very large varicose veins "microwaved".  There are some branching and they will put him under to remove them.  The veins keep him from being more active (like going for walks with me).   I organized the refreshment stands for the elementary schools Field days.  It is always a fun time but lots of work.  It was a warm day, some of the 450 Popsicles melted but we all made do.  It is always fun to watch the kids play.  The older kids even had a tug o war.  MJJR's class did well in the tug o war. 

Here is a pic of the lettuce that I planted back in early April.  I thought that you all would like to see how it looks now.  I have harvested twice now.  The taller green stuff is the spinach.  I ended up putting the pot outside a little too early and fried the small shoots.  OOPS.  I lost some of the plants.  I thought of replanting the empty areas but decided not too.  We still have a good crop there.  The smaller plants will thicken up as they have growing room.  I moved the planter to the north side of the house as the heat is starting already.  It seems we went into full hot muggy summer all at once. 

I haven't done much sewing with all the softball games, concerts, award banquets, graduation parties and such.  I am hoping to pick up a book or two in the next few weeks. 

  I often check out audio books from the library.  I enjoy this with my 30-40 commute, along with sewing or folding laundry while I listen.  I just finished listening to a great book.  It has some graphic parts that could have been left out or toned down but do help to establish the character.  The beginning is slow but the book is very interesting and intriguing.  The book is "The girl with the Dragon Tattoo".  The book is by Steig Larsson.  He passed away in 2004 after turning in manuscripts for 3 novels.  I was lead to this book by our book club at work.  I am unable to attend because of the chauffeuring that I do, but enjoy reading and discussing the books when able to.

Enjoy the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend.

Just Another Quilter

Friday, May 21, 2010

Blogger's Spring Quilt Festival

The Blogger's Spring Quilt Festival has arrived.  I have enjoyed looking at others picks, this year I thought I would also put in an entry.  I can sit for hours and look at blogs.  Some of the entries in the past are now blogs that I follow.   It is certainly not a quilt show that can be looked at in 1 day.

The quilt that I chose for the Blogger Spring Quilt Festival is the only quilt that I have actually finished this year.  It is unnamed.  Have a name idea.  Leave me a comment.  I made it from "Wedgeworks II 3-D Mariners Compass".  I had hoped to teach the class at the local quilt shop.  I chose a bad day and had no one sign up.  The piece is still hanging in the shop.  The design was ready, the fabric was purchased.  I just needed to find time to get the sewing done.  I took everything to the sewing retreat in February.  It is amazing how little fabric you can actually have left over.  I was not leaving retreat to purchase more fabric.  I did buy the green & blue batik off a fellow quilter.   The binding is two sided because I did not have enough fabric for regular binding.  The backing fabric I brought was not big enough.  I found something big enough in stash fabric for another project.  The outer small navy sashing is different from the sashing around the blocks (it isn't noticeable) because I didn't have enough yardage again. I finished quilting it the Monday after retreat.  Then no one signed up for the class.  I will try to teach again in a few months when life slows back down.  (After the kids go back to school.)  I will be turning the wall hanging on its side and hanging it in my sew room over my cutting counter.  It will have an inset light over each compass.  It may require some redecorating of the remaining sew room.  It think that after almost 10 years, it might be do for an update.

Enjoy the quilt show.  Stop by and see Amy that organizes the show.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you mother's out there, to all you that are mother's to be, and to all you that take a moment to remember your mother even though she is no longer on this earth.

We started out with a very quiet Mother's Day. The girls were hard at work finishing my Mother's Day surprise. They spent time yesterday and today working on it in secret. They would be excited when I would leave the house for an hour, or would get me outside to bring some wood next to the house so we wouldn't have to turn the furnace on for the expected frost last night. Also the youngest was very enthusiastic to help me cover the tender plants.

It is definitely spring. The birds are around. Because of the water, we have a great assortment of birds and wildlife. I enjoy seeing the birds that didn't frequent our house as a child. The bluebirds are beautiful, a pair has taken up residence in the bluebird house that was vacant for the last couple years. The Canadian Geese family stopped by the other day with babies in tow. They took to sunning themselves on the dam. They usually don't stay long. The Kingfisher is present gliding just above the water surface to take up watch on a neighboring dock. The ancient looking Great Heron is also present jumping over the docks to see what is on the other side.

This morning a hesitant gold finch was perched on the top of the birdfeeder, trying to decide how to make it a few inches lower to eat the seed. I believe daddy finch was taking new baby off for a trip to the local feeding grounds. The bird was so hesitant, trying a couple angles and several minutes before making across the finish line to the black thistle they love so much.

Well, I have called both of mom's phones and have left messages. No answer. Maybe at my brother's for the morning. I have talked to her more in the last couple days. The husband had a call from work and left just before church, so the girls and I are quietly enjoying the day.

Oh, the much anticipated present. The life of the MJJR from birth to present. All the really great photos, memorable moments and goofy smiles in 91 pics. Some scanned and some transferred. It was great to see so many moments in one place at one time. Now if I can just get the Lola to transfer her life onto the it also. Lola did much of the work for MMJR. Lola picked me up a new Wii game of oldie songs and dance moves. She says it is a hoot. We will have to try it later.

Enjoy the day!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Missing in Action

I feel like I have been lurking around lately. I thought that maybe I would check in. No pics in this one.

The orthodontist office is furnishing me with morning caffeine on Monday mornings for 2 weeks in a row. Both mornings before 8am. I also started taking a Bible Study class on Mondays. I tend to post on Monday mornings after the weekend. One reason why I am MIA.

I have never taken a Bible Study class before. As a regular attendee at church, I help out occasionally. I thought it was time to add some more depth to my spiritual journey. My spiritual journey like any other has ups and downs. The age difference is apparent in this group. I am again quite a bit younger. This group has wonderfully accepted my viewpoint. Recently I was asked to be in a play to be put on during the Sunday service. I am working on memorizing my lines.

DH ordered me my own laptop. After longing over my daughter Lola's laptop that showed up last summer I now have one of my own. Little is set up on it yet. I am looking at setting up a new email address to get some of the Hancock's, Joann's, Herrschners, etc. mail out of the family email address. Any suggestions. Lola has lots of opinions but she doesn't like any of mine. Post me some ideas.

No one ever signed up for my class a couple weeks ago. It was a busy time and with the Rosemont show later in the week and Paducah the following weekend, I wasn't surprised. Poor planning on my part. I was a little disappointed, I wasn't surprised. I was however, approached about teaching the class in a neighboring town. I need to get the sample over to my neighbor so she can talk to the person that has pull! I will keep you updated. I still need to pick up the quilt from the shop.

I was home today from work as MJJR has started with migraines. She doesn't get them enough to hit the dr. yet. As the hormones are flowing in her 11 yr. old body, I think it is a matter of time until they get worse. She gets the nausea & vomitting with it.

I hope to be more active than of late.

The handquilting project is moving along well. The outer border needs to have the pattern blown up from the sashing. Haven't done that yet. The software to blow up the pattern is on the new computer, just need to try it out. Another flower needs to be drafted to put in the last light section of the quilt. On a good note, the binding was cut and pressed today.

Just Another Quilter

Monday, April 12, 2010

Design Wall Monday w/ a few extras thrown in

Well, it is Monday.
I am trying to get back into life. Here is my design wall. Looks the same from a couple weeks ago. It is storing my blocks that are pinned but haven't made it through the sewing machine yet. Why you ask? Because my walking foot is on the machine.
At the first of the year our sit n sew group decided to work on a group project. Unsure of where to look for a project, I suggested Bonnie has great instructions as we all know and several different string styles available. Our group has grown in the last couple years and with lots of newer quilters these are great projects. Since I was the one who suggested the project, I thought I better participate. A new project really wasn't needed right now, it won't be done any time soon, but it is a quilt that I wanted to make in the future. Most of the ladies are going full steam ahead. One is completely done, one needs binding, at least 1 other top is done. I have 10 blocks done. I decided to try to convert the pattern to a quilt as you go (don't need another top to finish--already have a stack of them). So I moved the current project to the floor. Check out the mess it makes at the machine. My plan is to have blue and white come together for hourglasses between the red stripes.
As always, more than one project is going at a time. The "Sister to the Lodge" is in the final stages of quilting. I don't feel like I have completed anything all year. The class sample is done, but this is the only one. The "Sister" quilt is getting close. Due to work, I don't hand quilt on Mondays and Tuesday, i.e. the need for other projects. After some thought, the beige thread called to me. It is scary putting all those stitches on the red where they will really show.
The other thing that has slowed me down is the need to do a little crocheting. The Sugar N Cream somehow jumped into the cart, 2 dishrags jumped into the drawer a few days later.
The sun is scheduled to arrive in the afternoon with highs in the 70's again. Better get my other work done. The paddle boat is calling for a spin once the sun arrives.
Stop over to Judy L. to see other Design Wall Mondays.
Just Another Quilter

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Today was a beautiful day. We enjoyed the day with family and mother nature. Some of the yard work is getting done. The paddle boat went in yesterday. Took MJJR out for a boat ride. Got a little exercise. Also took the girls to the bowling alley. I had the top scores of 96 & 74. Enjoyed the morning at church. Service was about having faith. How some of us struggle with faith all our lives, others just take it at face value and just believe. It ties into the fact that Jesus rose. Who believed, who had to see it for themselves and who always questioned.
Here are some pics that show God touched my world today. When we first moved to the house, we put in a magnolia tree by the basement door. The tree was planted in the spring and didn't bloom the next year. We called back and the landscape company supplied us with a new tree. We decided to get a different variety and plant it some place it wouldn't be in the harsh winter elements. Above is the pic of the new magnolia tree planted 10 years ago. Here is the pic of the 1st magnolia tree. We decided not to go to the trouble of digging out the tree. It lost over half of the branches during that 1st winter. After about 6 years we decided that we would dig it up if it didn't bloom in the spring. Sure enough, that spring it started blooming again. Patience & Faith. It is just starting to get blooms. It looks like it will be full of blossoms in a few days!
Enjoy life. Have faith. The best things in life take time.
Just Another Quilter

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Similar experiences to a recent post

Recently Windosm Windings of a Wayward Quilter talked of assumptions by others that she didn't have much quilting experience.

This brought me out of a 2 week quiet spell to talk on this subject.

I get this all the time. In March, I attended our guilds quilting retreat. I enjoy going: fellowship, learning techinques, sharing of ideas, making new friends, built in quilt show and getting away from the reality of my life. Who wouldn't love it? I only get to go about every 12-18 months. I really enjoy it when it does happen.

This retreat we had some new faces to me. A quilt shop owner and one of her customers. Our retreat is small and inexpensive. The owner brought half of her store (to sell) and hogged much of the space. This did rub me the wrong way so I do admit a slight bias from the beginning. As I was working on the sample for an upcoming class, I had to work out some glitches (whether mine or printed is still up for discussion) from a book, before I could teach the class. I often talk to myself (comes from working alone on 3rd shift). While discussing a problem with myself, this LQS owner decided that I needed her help because I am young (the youngest attendee at retreat) and inexperienced. Mind you I am into my 4th decade on earth. (I still look young for my age--however about 2 years ago I decided to go gray--I have earned every last gray hair I have.) I did not need help, just time to make the "right" decision. This irked me.
One other woman wanted to copy my book. I said sure you can look at the book but that I would really appreciate if you like the pattern to support me by taking the class. She offered to "proof" the pattern once I get it written. That way she could have a copy and I will have it proofed. What nerve!
Later, the LQS owner was concerned how the quilter I was going to pay was going to quilt around all those 3D mariners compass'. One of the retreat organizers (that has known me for at least 5 yrs.) stepped up and stated "JAQ will have no problem with the quilting, she always does a great job." HA! I just kept my mouth shut.
By the end of Saturday, the LQS was over asking me about fabric designers, design layouts, and weave. (What do I know about that!) I fudged a good answer and used common sense. Boy that makes you feel good.

I do see this in many parts of my life though. At work, I am still one of the youngest on my shift. There are now 3 younger, but only in the last 2 years. My husband is also the youngest at his level. Our friends have younger kids, but our coworkers have older kids. Some coworkers are old enough to be our parents.

I believe this is why I have the knowledge that I do. I go out and strive to gain more knowledge, any way I can. If someone gives me a hard time, I just say I have been quilting for more than 15 years, or that I joined the guild while I was still pregnant with my 11 yr old. When needing help, I try to ask specific questions, this helps curb the "our you lost oh young one".

I hope to get some pics of my current projects in the next couple days. Lola (15 yrs.) is taking drivers ed. She finishes on Wednesday!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Design Wall Monday--What a mess

Recently I snuck away for a long weekend of sewing. While there I finished my sample for an upcoming quilting class I am going to teach (my first class). After finishing the sample I could mess with my fun stuff. On my wall currently is the 3 compass' that were made prior to making the sample for the class. Here is the fun fabric made into compass' that I played with before I cut into the LQS fabric. I am hoping to make more of the compass' with the green stripes. The 9 patch diamonds are something that I put together last year. The pattern calls for all 2 1/2" strips. I would rather not use strips for the outer edges, so template making went into play. These blocks are now too big for the case they were carried to retreat in. I brought them back next to the cutting mat and plopped them on the wall until I have more time to work on them.

To get a break from the quilts--I made a pincushion out of a peanut butter container. I like to put sand in the cushion, it always feels better to me when sticking the pins in. Our family loves fresh lettuce. It is time to start the planting. My favorite way to grow lettuce is in a pot. This allows you to move it for a longer harvest. The pot is inside on the cold days, outside in the sun on the warm days (60's right now for us), and will let me move it to a shady spot as the temperatures rise into the 80's. Lettuce is a crop that gets very bitter when it is in full sun for the summer. This mix has parsley, spinach, beets (for greens only) and curly red lettuce. Nothing is better than a fresh salad straight from the garder. Others are always commenting how good it looks. This pot is about 6 days old. I start with plastic wrap over the top and remove it as the sprouts grow.

Still working on the hand quilting. I am getting ready to mark the borders.

See the other post for Design Wall Monday's at Judy's Blog

Hope you can get those fingers dirty & throw a few stitches in here and there. Just Another Quilter in the Midwest!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Recent Retreat

I had the pleasure of getting out of town for a few days. It was at the beginning of the month. I am a little slow getting pics here. I didn't take very many. I thought that I would show you 2 of the great quilts. I am not sure that they were actually made there. I know the Christmas one was not. I really like how the colors work in this Christmas quilt. I am not sure that I will make it in Christmas colors, but I think that this quilt goes into my future quilt list.

The other quilt is made from antique blocks that were purchased. I really like how she finished the top. Not something that I would have come up with. The blocks don't show well but they look like shirt plaids.

Myself, I worked on the sample piece for the upcoming class. I am excited that it is finished. The cutting directions are done. I have spent the time quilting it. I turned it in to the LQS on Monday. The big day is tax day--April 15th. Here is the final pic. I think that it turned out great. I really like the "good" fabric.
Man did I make the most of the fabric I had. More than once I didn't think I would have enough. The two blue sashings are different. I bumped up fabric yardage for that fabric. The blue green batik is also not what I purchased for that area. What nice shopping can be done at "Retreat" when others open their stash for you.

I have been back to hand quilting on the "Sister to the Lodge" quilt. I am almost to the outer borders. It will be nice to finish something. To date the teaching piece is the only one finished in 2010. I am looking forward to showing my design wall on Monday. It is a mess!

Oh. The oldest started drivers ed. Scary. The husband is taking her out now that she has her permit.

Keep sewing away.

Just Another Quilter

Thursday, February 25, 2010

What makes a good day

Life has been so busy lately. Our house is starting to slow down. It will not stay here but the lull is rejuvenating.

A good day today is:

A great haircut yesterday and it looks almost as good as the stylist's today!

Time to work on quilts.

A fire in the fireplace.

A talk with a good friend.

Laundry is a cooking.

Fresh sheets on the bed.

Getting warm fuzzies while reading a the bible.

Remember, the day is what you make it.

All this after a nauseating migraine this morning.

Enjoy life.

Just Another Quilter

Monday, February 22, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I really enjoy looking at Design Wall around the world. A few weeks ago mine looked very similar to one in Louisiana. Though I still have borders to put on the quilt, I have set it aside. The borders will be cut probably today. The pinning and sewing will occur at retreat in 10 days!!

Judy at The Patchwork Times can show you all the links for today.

After talking to the LQS, I get to teach a class. I have taught before, but never at a LQS for paying customers. With the support from all of you, I'm going to try. Here is my first attempt at a block that I wanted to teach. It is 3-D, not paper pieced and not so bad with all the little bias edges. After reading the directions again (oops-probably should have read them good the first time) I decided that I wanted to add the outside of the circle before sewing the whole thing together. Since I need more practice before I cut into the real fabric (LQS set it aside), I am trying again. Here is what I did yesterday.
I now need to square up the quadrants and insert the dark brown w/ polka dots. Give me luck. Today the girls went to school (it was questionable) even with a big snow last night. The driveway is done but I am not sure with the packed down spots I can make it up the drive if I go out. That is too bad. Must I stay home and sew. ;)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Recent buys

Recently my birthday came and went. The family was very busy the day of and a few gifts were opened the day before. Noteworthy were 2 magazines/books. Quiltmaker will be sending out all 100 blocks to readers that correctly identified designers of the blocks. I can only hope a great block comes my way!

Also, on the way home from work on Tuesday, I enjoyed a quick jaunt to the local Hancock Fabric store. I like checking out the clearance aisle. This time I think that I did pretty good. Over the years, picking up a BOM at a pretty good price. You can see one purchased a few years back, on the design wall last week. The newest purchase has a total of 12 blocks, all the same pattern. I think a quilt filled of these flowers in different colors (easy to add in some triangles in my own) will go together nicely. Dancing flowers with cute faces in frames or maybe windows of a house. It is something in the way out future, but will work out. All for the low price of $6. Also in the bag coming home is some "quilt hanging hardware". A nice rod and clips will hang just about anything--a bargain for $1.

Off to the school for a weekend of basketball. Get to run the concession stand! Yipee! Actually it will be rather fun. The whole family is in on the event. Lola (DD1) is looking forward to seeing her BF (B-Boy) and working the admission table with him. Good clean fun!

Have a great weekend.

Just Another quilter in the world.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Design Wall

A couple weeks ago I showed the design wall. It was my Leaders & Enders project. This was a great project for middle of the night sewing (sleep doesn't always happen for me). The borders are not attached yet. I think that I will put them on while at retreat in March. OOOH! I am going to retreat!!!!

Here is the current middle of the night project. I picked these BOM's up from Joann's back in 2004. I purchased them for no more than $3 a piece. The bird print was the back of my youngest daughter's quilt. The leftovers stayed in the stash for 7-8 years until last week when I gave most of the bird print away. Now, the print looks really well with the blocks. The women has offered to give it back, I offered to let the women come and pull something new. The colors are so old, I am afraid unless I find something else old, the colors it will be hard to match.
Can you find the block that was put together wrong in the middle of the night? That is what happens at 3am.
I am going to retreat! I don't always get to go, so it is very exciting. What to bring? What to bring? Why of course, everything. The borders for the Leaders & Enders project. I need to finish the quilting on the "Sister to the Lodge" so the binding can go on. The binding might be attached at retreat. Also, I need to make 3 equilateral triangles in the stitch & flip method. I hate making these blocks. This is for the Dahlia that is forever haunting me. I also need to make the sample for the class I hope to teach.
I have a clean house, laundry cooking and food on the table. Time to get back to the stitching now!
Have a great weekend. We are off to a small town for a Basketball tourney tomorrow. DD1 is off to Speech Sectionals. She will be back tomorrow for a babysitting job. I might see her on Sunday. She is hoping to spend some time with the boyfriend on Sunday, too.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The First Quilt

The question has been posed what is your first quilt. My grandmother quilted, but like many families it skipped a generation. My mothersewed and would keep me out of her hair by having me trace around squares made from a cereal box. I cut out the squares and sewed them together. The fabric I used is leftovers from the clothing my mother made me. It is every thing from corduroy, polyester and even some older prints. How this piece didn't end up in the trash or charity box is beyond me.

My mom's machine included a "CAM" system. This was how you made the fancy stitches back in the 1970's. These CAM's were used to finish the edge of the piece. The stitching is so nicely done that it overlaps and has 2 rows of stitching for about 6 inches. It is precious and shows my tender age of 10 or under. Rug yarn was used to tie the quilt. This was my first quilt. Many years passed and as adulthood set in I picked up sewing again. Here is a small wall hanging made in the early 1990's. I copied a piece I purchased, made to match the colors that were needed for the room. I had yet to hear of the 1/4" seam. I could not understand why mine looked so different from the purchased one. Where did my points go to?

Both of these pieces are in my sew room. The doll quilt hangs on the wall mounted TV stand and the second one is on the wall next to my sewing machine. The Celtic pieces I have been working on and are kept safe by sticking to the small wall hanging. Someday, maybe the family will appreciate these pieces for where one starts when one chooses a new hobby.


Happy quilting to you from

Just Another Quilter