Monday, December 5, 2011

Yes, I am still out here!

I can’t believe that it has been two months since the last post.  It has been busy around here.  Lola and I visited a local university as she is coming to the point of making a decision.  She was on stage crew for the fall musical last month.  MJJR needed a coach for her basketball team.  Yep, I am helping, the record keeper and scrimmage player.  I have hit the floor hard at least 2 times.  MJJR became a teenager last month.  The big sleepover happened with 10 teenage girls after pizza and laser tag in town.  DH is still traveling a lot.  He made a trip back to Nebraska and is currently in Chicago.  My dad came out for Thanksgiving and my mom & step-dad come out on Thursday.  My dad is scheduled to come back out the following weekend.  Our church had their big “Christmas Traditions” on Saturday.   Goodies that my hands helped with: “Saltine Toffee”, dipped peanut butter balls, dipped coconut balls, and wrapped homemade caramels to name a few.  During the event, I greeted those that came out in the rain.   And in the middle of all that, the blood pressure check-up.  They upped my medicine again.  My comment “Let’s get my blood pressure in control with where my busy life is, not where I would like it to be.”
On to the sewing/crafting front:  the quilt for Christmas Traditions was finished with pillow shams (we did get our minimum bid on the quilt of $150).  I taught my quilt class, it was a hit with 9 students.  The students asked to have another class after the new year.  That makes it a hit right!  After trying to auction my services at Christmas Traditions and having no one sign up for a class at the LQS it felt good. Two Christmas presents are handmade this year.  
My boss left back in October.  Here is the quick quilt made from the leftovers of the quilt class quilt.

The fabric is called “Kashmir”.  The 3 yards of fabric could not make a larger quilt if used as a border and what else do you do with all the cool border prints.  The fabric was cut into 1.5 yards sections.  The section with the small green rectangles on the edges is the  middle.  I started in the middle and “stitched and flipped” my way to the outside edges in a quilt as you go method.  The quilt was started on Thursday and gifted the quilt on Sunday afternoon.  It was right up her style.  The binding was all put on by machine. 

I have had problems getting comments to post.  DH upgraded the main computer, is that part of the problem??   I will have to try from my laptop.  I do keep up on blogs.

Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season. 
Just Another Quilter