Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Recent Quilting...T-Shirt Quilts

Life is crazy around here.  Last weekend MJJR went to her first formal....senior Prom.  She promised her friends as a freshman she would attend senior prom.  She was beautiful.  My tomboy turned into a beautiful princess.  Her comment...."just like a wedding reception, mom.  The food was overrated and I don't think I missed a thing by not going before now."  MJJR is on the right.

MJJR's quilt is done except for handsewing the binding and adding the label.  No pictures yet.  She might see them.  It is a T-shirt quilt with her college emblem on the other side.

Lola graduates from college on Saturday.  We leave tomorrow to get her moved.  She is graduating with top honors.

MJJR graduates 7 days later.

Open House is another 7 days later.

Not long after that is college orientation for MJJR.

Here is one of the 2 T-Shirts quilts recently finished.  Front and Back.  It is now in her possession.

The purple back is fleece.  The UNI was cut with the Brother Scan and Cut.  It was enveloped and the edge top stitched.  It will be great for the football games.  The recipient wanted this quilt...little does she know that she will be getting this one for a graduation gift.

Well, better start on the binding while MJJR is at school.  Her last day is tomorrow.

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