Saturday, June 1, 2013

One Graduation and One Promotion. Done.

The girls have finished school.  Lola gave her speech…did great.  A few laughs in just the right spots.  MJJR has been promoted and will attend the high school in the fall.  Things here are a little slower.  Still teenage drama, but good.  The Graduation party is a couple weeks away.  The nephew has his graduation soon.  The cement guys have been here for a level pad for the new basketball hoop.  The furnace guys were here for a new electronic air cleaner (our allergies are awful).  Made 27 strawberry-rhubarb pies for our Christmas Traditions open house, in the freezer they went.  Payment…more rhubarb…made rhubarb/strawberry cobbler.  MJJR starts 2 basketball leagues next week and has school bball camp to boot.  We also have college orientation this month.  Did I mention, Lola decided on a school 5 hrs. away.
Quilting side of life.DSC01464 (1024x794)
Another finish for this year.  This is going to one of the graduates.  I think this was started in November, pretty fast for me.  Each of the sets of stacked coins has a different quilting motif.  It was fun trying out new patterns but with little commitment, and little ripping if it didn’t turn out as expected.  The outer border is quilted with Baptist Fans.  I love how this pattern turns and flops when made in a confined space as this is.  This is now becoming my go to pattern.  The meandering in the middle and fans around the edges make for a fast and simple quilting finish.
The next quilt is already under way.  This has the grid quilting done and is ready for something cool…..any suggestions. Please!!  I am a little scared to put black thread in the lighter shaded batiks.  I do have a variegated thread that has the right colors, but I was thinking of possible a celery green or grey very thin thread that might not show so much.  This pattern is the same as another quilt.  That quilt, the pieced blocks were only 2 colored and I matched the thread and meandered it all (purple in the purple and gold in the gold).  Again, suggestions please!

Note…check out the deck in both pictures.  Our manufactured decking is old, last fall I spent a few days staining it.  What fun…but it looks much better.  Both quilts are hanging on the exact same section of the deck. Really should put another coat on it….maybe in the fall.

I always check out the other blogs, but rarely comment.  Just love to see what you all are up to, but usually look on my pad that I have problems typing on.

OH, but the way!  Volunteered myself to run a quilt show in September, “Quilting Traditions Quilt Show”.  We are having it at our church.  When things get a little more organized I will post the link to the site, once it is created.  It will be Saturday, September 14th, 9 am.  Our community has other events the same day in conjunction with East West Riverfest.

Happy Quilting, gardening, photography, or just smiling in the sun!
Just Another Quilter