Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekend Accomplishment

This week I have been working on the Christmas Traditions Quilt.  Our group now has all but 1 of the blocks done.  My quilting finger is currently all tired out.  I will give it a few days and probably start back to it on Thursday. 

IMG_0098 (960x720)While giving my fingers a break, I decided it was time to pick the knitting back up.  I wanted to put something on my needles, for those time waiting at Weight Watchers or a doctors appointment.  After making a few pairs of socks, it is time to try something different.  Our family does not need another blanket in the house, no afghans patterns.  I do not like anything around my neck, no scarfs. The purchased mittens are perfect as they are.  So what can go on the needles that is useful……a top of some sort.  Off to the library, 3 of them actually, checked out about 12 knitting books.  Finally, a pattern that isn’t too hard, that is attractive and isn’t such a large commitment that it will be years before it is finished.  This yarn was purchased at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $1.79 a skein, back in May on a trip to Chicago area with DH.  VOGUE KNITTING Spring Summer 1983 Lacy Romantic SweatersIt is a smooth misty grey made of bamboo rayon and acrylic, and just feels wonderful. This is the goal.  It should look nice under a cardigan (especially one hand knitted in a year or so) or a suit coat.  The hot flashes have been starting up again and this won’t be too warm, even with something over it.

Time to call it a night. 

Happy Quilting or Knitting,

Just Another Quilter

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Fall Season has arrived!

The girls have gone back to school.  MJJR is helping with statistics for the volley ball team.  Lola is working way to much for a senior in high school.  DH is traveling as always. Me…I am trying to stay motivated to just accomplish something.  I have a hard time living so much of my life alone.  I work part-time, a couple days a week, and don’t think that I want to increase my time there.  I volunteer and help in the community, but this is as time allows, or motivation moves me.  I just have a hard time getting moving sometimes.

IMG_0094 (720x960)What am I doing?  We are hand quilting the Christmas Traditions quilt that will be silent auctioned off in December.  The squares were donated to our group from one of my co-workers.  She had made 48 of them….she didn’t really like them.  She does now!  I am working on the last couple squares, it isn’t so much fun to work on this at night. We are planning on 2 rows of straight line quilting in the sashing and haven’t decided on what to do in the borders yet.  The green is a small stripe with metallic gold between the 2 shades of green.

I have been working on some of my own stuff while the other quilt is making the rounds. IMG_0096 (720x960) This top is from fabric I purchased at Joann’s last summer when we were by Niagara Falls.  Here is the post when I started the project.  The fabric was a deal.  I think it turned out pretty good.  It can now get in line with the other quilt tops for finishing.

I did realize last week that my nephew graduates in the spring.  I believe he needs a quilt to take off to school.  I think that will take priority over some of the other things that I have going.  I don’t want to do sew binding on the way to graduation.

I did finish a set of socks last month.  I gave them away already.  I loved the colors.  Here are early pics of them.

photo (2) (960x720)

I need to get moving for the day. Harvest time is here.  My beans need picking, taxes need paying and bed needs a making.

Happy Quilting,

Just Another Quilter