Monday, December 23, 2013

Design Wall Monday 12/23/13

Well, last week after having the sewing machine pedal to the metal….this quilt top came off the design wall.DSC02730 (754x1024)
I love how it turned out.  Canuck Quilter will be putting the pattern up for sale shortly.  Please leave me a comment if you are interested in being notified when this happens. 
I am the type of person that can figure out how a quilt goes together, cutting sizes and just putting things together in general.  The directions are not what I would have come up with had I tried to piece this without a pattern.  You want this look…get the pattern.
We have company from last week until Christmas day.  Mom & Step-Dad left this morning and Dad arrives this afternoon.  Time to swap the guest room.  This means that my design wall looks like this….DSC02732 (768x1024)
With all the company here, it wasn’t time to start something new.
That doesn’t mean that the sew room is pulling one to come in…..DSC02733 (1024x768)
This is what one of the spare bed looks like.  Good thing no one needs it this holiday season.
DSC02734 (1024x768)
And the floor.
Mom and I spent the evening going through and trying to organize.  It makes it so much easier to design if things are neat.  Folding and organizing is so much more fun when Mom is around.  Our next opportunity to visit in person is probably 3-6 months away. 
How much did we accomplish….DSC02735 (768x1024)
This was a mess before.  DH sat for awhile while the work was in progress. 
DH:  That piece is new.
Me: Yep.  (Yep, you haven’t seen it but it is almost 9 months old.  Be sure the next fabric is one that he has seen.)
Well, off to change the sheets.
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Friday, December 13, 2013

Finish It Up Friday

My finishes with week include sashing and block for the Quilter’s Scrapbook.  It is coming together so nicely.  It may not look like much farther than the last time….but some cutting and pressing is going on for the next steps.
DSC02728 (768x1024)
Just a tip or two for pressing in general.  Some pieces for this quilt are small (remember 1 1/2” squares”")….when working with small pieces starch your fabric prior to cutting.  The less your fabric moves around the better the sewing and matching of points.  Steam can either be your friend or your enemy.  If you give steam and a heavy hand on the iron your pieces will warp.  To keep your strip sets straight, pull out a ruler, press where you think straight is and confirm and adjust as needed.  It is better at this step to have things straight than fight with them later.  This is a great step for television or talking with friends. 
DSC02727 (1024x768)
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Just Another Quilter

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Linky Tuesday—December 10th

Progress is being made on the Quilter’s Scrapbook.  The color in these blocks is amazing.  The colors were  so dull when this was going together.  The prominent color seemed to be beige & olive.  As I dove further into the stash the variety started to come out, and after deciding on the blue fabric for the borders any blue/turquoise/purple that I came across went into the blocks.
DSC02723 (691x1024)
The border colors are being cut and will show up soon.  Some manhandling of the blocks was required yesterday.  Those small squares along with my imperfect 1/4” don’t always go together.  With a little starch, some steam and borders cut to the exact size, those imperfect blocks that were warped and not looking very square, look great.  Sure if you look hard you will see a parallelogram instead of a square every now and then, but I can live with that.

On the home front, MJJR played 2 games of basketball last night.  The game was 30 minutes away.  This is happening at least 2 nights a week.  DH left yesterday and returns tonight.  Lola comes home after finals on Friday. 

Sunday DH and I went over to Buffalo Wild Wings for one last get together with the co-workers.  We were stuck on the I-80 bridge over the Mississippi River for at least 40 minutes.  An accident backed up traffic, we were 30 minutes late for our own party!  The ladies waited.  Thank you ladies.  The weather was bad, a few didn’t make it…I was glad NOT to be driving.

Back to the bridge…the bridge design is the same as the I-35 bridge in Minneapolis that collapsed a few years back.  Since the collapse of that bridge, this bridge has under went numerous repairs.  The latest set of repairs were on the side we were stuck on…with paint still present about “No Vehicles” right where we were sitting.  The large semi’s going fast from the other direction & the length of the span across the river at this point, make the bridge rock and roll as you sit and watch not only the ice on the river but the tug boat that ran aground last week.  Did I mention that I wasn’t driving.  Had me a drink immediately upon arriving at BWW’s.

Off to pick up some chicken broth, making a soup similar to Olive Garden's, Zuppa Toscana.  Great for a chilly day on the bluffs of the river.

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Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9th-Design Wall Monday

The Quilter’s Scrapbook is coming along nicely.  The blocks are done and the white is cut.  Sashing is getting pinned on.  The blue is picked out.  The accent fabric has narrowed to 2 fabrics.  DSC02716 (1024x768)
The green in the top of the photo or the peach down in the bottom.  Either piece will look nice.  I have votes for both.  The color is pretty close in the photo…the blue is just slightly darker.

DSC02717 (1024x768)
The green has a little more warmth than the picture and the blue is darker below.

DSC02719 (1024x768)

Please vote for which one you like.  Tomorrow is probably the day for cutting the accent color.

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Linky Tuesday

Today is Linky Tuesday at Connie’s Freemotion by the River.  Stop by and see what projects are happening.
My Quilter’s Scrapbook is coming along nicely.  The piles of strips made up of 10 - 1 1/2” squares are getting smaller.  Here is the current view.
DSC02714 (1024x768)
The colors are amazing.  Each of these need at least 2 more rows.  I found the blue fabric in the stash.  There is adequate yardage and it needs to come out of the stash.  It was an impulse buy, binding for a quilt, it didn’t go. It is neat fabric.  DSC02715 (1024x768) Stop back and watch the progress my on Canuck Quilter’s new pattern. 
Today is the local guild’s Christmas Potluck.  I am taking some Chicken salad and crackers.  Also on today’s agenda, label on the Christmas Traditions Quilt, and making Saltine Toffee Cookies for the Traditions sale.  This recipe is one of my go to recipes for sweet treats.  The ingredients are items found in the average kitchen: butter, brown sugar, saltines, chocolate chips and optional nuts.  Total kitchen time: 10 minutes or less.  My kind of recipe.

Have a good day, 
Just Another Quilter

Monday, December 2, 2013

Design Wall Monday

Canuck Quilter was looking for someone to test her new pattern “The Quilter’s Scrapbook” before it goes on sale.  This design is awesome with great sashing around simple postage stamp blocks.   I volunteered to take the pattern for a test run. 
My design wall is on my thread holder right now.  There are 1200 small 1 1/2” squares to make up all those postage stamp blocks.  This has been great to get some of the smaller scraps out of the stash.  My scrap project in the past was working with 1 1/4” x 2” scraps.  So as I am cutting up and sewing for “The Quilter’s Scrapbook”, I have also been cutting the leftovers for my other project.  If the scraps can’t fit into one of these projects then it IS garbage.
DSC02713 (1024x768)
Each of these piles is a block for “The Quilter’s Scrapbook”.   My piles currently count at 9, only 3 more blocks…300 more 1 1/2” squares.  Each stack of fabrics tend to have similar fabrics in them, so I want to make sure that all the stacks are done before sewing the strips together.  If those loud fabrics aren’t evenly distributed it might be noticeable.  Some of the later squares have been leftovers from Lola’s college quilt, these additions are LOUD.
In other news, the benefit for my former co-worker went great last night.  The profit was over $7000 and the quilt went to another co-worker.  She really wanted the quilt and bid $300 right off the bat.  She won and is planning on redecorating her room to go with the quilt.  It is so nice for the quilt to go to a home where it will be loved. 
Today I pick up the Christmas Traditions quilt.  It needs a label before Saturday.
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Friday, November 29, 2013

Lola’s Quilt and leftovers

Over the summer, the quilts for the high school graduates were completed.  Lola’s quilt was finished up about 5 miles from moving in.  Pictures were not taken after the quilting was complete. 
DSC02707 (1024x768)
She brought it home for the Thanksgiving break.  There was a string on the back that her toe caught on….a “toe picker”.  Sometimes these are extra large stitches from not having a stitch regulator.  This one is from a couple stitches that looked like they popped and the back thread was still intact.  The quilting motifs include meandering in the strip piecing, why take the time if it will not show.  All of the outside purple is “Baptist Fans”.  These are fairly small.  The inner purple diamonds are from a pattern found in “Heirloom Machine Quilting” by Harriet Hargrave, page 161.   The pattern was slightly altered to fit in the allotted space.   The back is an orange flannel batik.
DSC02710 (1024x768)
On Wednesday was MJJR’s birthday.  Over the years, her birthday dinner is either turkey, leftover turkey, turkey potpie or some other turkey dish.  For her birthday she requested crab legs for Thanksgiving dinner. 
DSC02712 (1024x768)
Our leftovers might be slim pickings….they will be gone by tomorrow.  It was just the 4 of us for Thanksgiving dinner so it was no big deal not to do much cooking.  We went for a ride last night.  Not really shopping…dropped a couple pictures off for framing….more realistically…..we people watched at the 3 Wal-marts in our area, Best Buy and the people waiting to get in at Old Navy. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

And the Winner is!

I drew a name this morning. 

Yesterday after I left my last day of work….I did a little Christmas shopping, had my nails done, did a little Christmas shopping research, went out to dinner, watched 2 basketball games about 20 minutes from where I was at, arrived back home at least 45 minutes later and dropped dead from tiredness.
So this morning I drew the name… and the winner is….

  1. Along the PerkiomenNovember 18, 2013 at 1:24 PM

    Congratulations on the change in your life, hoping you find a fulfilling way to use your education!

The email is sent and the package is awaiting postage.

Just Another Quilter

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Linky Tuesday

Well, today is my last day of work.  I have a giveaway going on to be drawn tonight.  Stop over and put in an entry.

Currently I am working on testing a pattern for a long time blog buddy, Canuck Quilter.  I just love how her sashing turns the simplicity of a postage stamp block into an amazing quilt.

I started yesterday I worked on all those postage stamp size squares. I have enough for 4 blocks so far!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Morning View

DH had a business dinner out of town.  He took me to the big city for a little jaunt…..over 1500 miles in 24 hrs.

This was the breakfast view this morning.
atlanta morn (765x1024)
atlanta (1024x765)
This afternoon back to the quilt.  This is needed for a Benefit on November 30th.  The binding is being put on by the top maker, so I need to keep working.
DSC02698 (1024x768)
I wanted to show just a bit of how I did the loop-d-loo’s.  These look way harder than they are.  First draw a line with something that can be removed later, my favorite is a grey pencil. Stitch along the line you drew.  You do not have to hit the line exactly….once the line is gone no one but you know whether you hit it dead on.  Stitch the loops back along the line so the connection lands on the line you stitched. As you look at my sample some fall above the line, some fall below the line and some hit.  Remember the overall look is more important than each individual stitch.  The tension will be better is you don’t rush, I tend to rush at the top of the loop, try to slow down at the top. After the loops are done, stitch another straight line and use your foot edge to keep a consistent width between the lines.  Follow that line up with the loop-d-loo’s back down the line.  To alter the pattern, try different size loops, different distances, or something besides a loop (hearts or leaves work).
DSC02697 (1024x768)I am making sections with the double lines and loop-d-loo’s and filling in the sections.  So far the sections include Baptist fans, meander, spirals and now the “railroad” looking thing above.
It is nice to be home, but after 2 long days in the airports, I am off to bed.

Happy Quilting,
Just Another Quilter

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Linky Tuesday Project

Here is the latest quilting project.  The top maker requested the bright raspberry thread. Goods and bads to can see every stitch.  I like the results so far. What do you think?

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Happy Quilting
Just Another Quilter

Monday, November 18, 2013

A Little Charity Work

DSC02688 (1024x875)One of the things that I want to achieve with the new schedule of no work…more charitable activities.

Here is this years Christmas Traditions Quilt.  Traditions is 3 weeks away and this is the earliest we have ever finished the quilt.

DSC02693 (1024x894)Our guild supplies 1000 doll quilts each years to the different local organizations.  Here are a few that just needed quilting.  It is a great chance for me to work on my free motion quilting and some more to be finished before the end of the year.

Here is my work for the day.....The picture does not do justice to these beautiful intense batiks.  These are great plums, lavenders and eggplants.     DSC02695 (1024x679)
This gorgeous 1600 quilt a friend/coworker made and is going to a benefit for another coworker.  She has had several strokes and is young with a family.  The benefit includes trivia night and auction items and is scheduled for November 30th, so I better get to it.
Stop over to Judy L's. That Patchwork Times and check out the other design walls. 
Have a Good One….
Just Another Quilter

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Autumn Update

I can’t believe that it has been so long since I have posted.  So much has happened that kept our family busy.  I have certainly lurked and am up to date on all the blogs. 
So the biggest news first…..I quit my job.  I work 2 more times and then I am done.  I have worked for the same company for 20 years.  I have 5 years of schooling and always wanted to put my education to use.  My husband has a good job and I do not need to work.  Because I have always enjoyed work and loved the stimulation, I have stayed.  In the last few months (since February), the work has become more monotonous and the schedule more unpredictable.  I did not sign up for concession stand duties for fear it would be one of the few days I might work.  I needed a change.
I need to find something to do…another job (Lola is disappointed I did not have a job before I quit my job.), volunteer hours or something to just keep myself motivated.  I am starting here!
DSC02675 (1024x768)

Here are most of the graduation girls and their quilts.  All were done before each arrived at college…Lola’s about 5 miles from campus.


I did some gardening…I had 2 of these.DSC02676 (1024x768)
And since you made it to the end of the blog….to celebrate the ending of an era…I am having my first giveaway. This pattern was used for my Brown & Turquoise Diamonds quilt.  The pattern, 2 fat quarters and a spool of matching Aurifil thread can now be yours.  To enter leave a comment for an entry and “follow” me for another.  The drawing will be on Tuesday, November 26th…my last day of work.  US entries only please.  Be sure that I can get to your email information.
DSC02682 (1024x745)
Happily Quilting on my own time.
Just Another Quilter

Monday, July 29, 2013

Upcoming Quilt Show

Looking for Something to do in September!  This is what I will be doing.
Come visit the Quilt Traditions Quilt Show located at the Port Byron United Methodist Church.  This church is known in the area for their Christmas Traditions Open House.  A luncheon is available for your convenience.
The Quilt Show will showcase Upper Rock Island County Quilters.  It will be held on September 14th, 2013.  The doors will open at 9am and close at 4pm.  The show is in conjunction with the East West Riverfest
Please take some time to come out.  I would love to meet some of you.
Just Another Quilter

Saturday, June 1, 2013

One Graduation and One Promotion. Done.

The girls have finished school.  Lola gave her speech…did great.  A few laughs in just the right spots.  MJJR has been promoted and will attend the high school in the fall.  Things here are a little slower.  Still teenage drama, but good.  The Graduation party is a couple weeks away.  The nephew has his graduation soon.  The cement guys have been here for a level pad for the new basketball hoop.  The furnace guys were here for a new electronic air cleaner (our allergies are awful).  Made 27 strawberry-rhubarb pies for our Christmas Traditions open house, in the freezer they went.  Payment…more rhubarb…made rhubarb/strawberry cobbler.  MJJR starts 2 basketball leagues next week and has school bball camp to boot.  We also have college orientation this month.  Did I mention, Lola decided on a school 5 hrs. away.
Quilting side of life.DSC01464 (1024x794)
Another finish for this year.  This is going to one of the graduates.  I think this was started in November, pretty fast for me.  Each of the sets of stacked coins has a different quilting motif.  It was fun trying out new patterns but with little commitment, and little ripping if it didn’t turn out as expected.  The outer border is quilted with Baptist Fans.  I love how this pattern turns and flops when made in a confined space as this is.  This is now becoming my go to pattern.  The meandering in the middle and fans around the edges make for a fast and simple quilting finish.
The next quilt is already under way.  This has the grid quilting done and is ready for something cool…..any suggestions. Please!!  I am a little scared to put black thread in the lighter shaded batiks.  I do have a variegated thread that has the right colors, but I was thinking of possible a celery green or grey very thin thread that might not show so much.  This pattern is the same as another quilt.  That quilt, the pieced blocks were only 2 colored and I matched the thread and meandered it all (purple in the purple and gold in the gold).  Again, suggestions please!

Note…check out the deck in both pictures.  Our manufactured decking is old, last fall I spent a few days staining it.  What fun…but it looks much better.  Both quilts are hanging on the exact same section of the deck. Really should put another coat on it….maybe in the fall.

I always check out the other blogs, but rarely comment.  Just love to see what you all are up to, but usually look on my pad that I have problems typing on.

OH, but the way!  Volunteered myself to run a quilt show in September, “Quilting Traditions Quilt Show”.  We are having it at our church.  When things get a little more organized I will post the link to the site, once it is created.  It will be Saturday, September 14th, 9 am.  Our community has other events the same day in conjunction with East West Riverfest.

Happy Quilting, gardening, photography, or just smiling in the sun!
Just Another Quilter

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

House and Home

Things have been a little crazy around here.  We have a graduation coming up.  We found out yesterday, Lola is the valedictorian!  She has worked sooo hard to accomplish this.  She has way more driven than I ever was at that age. She has 1  A- for her whole high school career.   She will be attending school in Indiana, about 5 hours away.  We have been busy trying to get the house ready for company.  Nine family members from out of state will arrive starting on Friday.  We have gutted the kitchen and reworked the landscape for the event.
Today is a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  Here are a couple pictures showing the new status of the beds.  The house is 14 years old and lots of plants were overgrown and needed to come out.
DSC01404 (1024x768)

The magnolia tree shown here probably still needs to come out….it has very little growth on the lake side.
DSC01401 (1024x768)

We reworked the step area with these stones.  The larges stones on the left side are over 250 lbs. each.  See the stain touch ups that still need to be done before the party.  The staining took about 3 days last fall.  The bracket on the side of the deck is for an old satellite dish, works works great an umbrella fits in there to shade us while we cook on the grill, so we kept it.
DSC01402 (1024x768)

What do you do when one of the established plants die?? Stick a decorative stone there and hope it looks like a design feature.
DSC01398 (1024x797)
The quilts for the graduates are coming along nicely.  Here is the latest finished one.  The is the “Brown Quilt” by Judy L. over at the Patchwork Times.  I did a little manipulation to use a cake layer that DH had purchased on one of his travels.  I love how this turned out, it is for my nephew.

See the pot on the right….my leaf lettuce.  The garden is in and 2 pots of leaf lettuce are starting to produce.  We have had a long cool spring so it took a while before I dared harvest any of it.
Soon another quilt will be done (over half quilted) and the first one to get handed out is possibly Saturday.  I can’t decide whether to have a sleep over for all the girls or gift wrap them and take them to the open houses.
This is the one in progress.  Name suggestions from all of you helped me choose, "Caribbean Blue Sea".  Thanks for the help.
Happy Quilting,
Just Another Quilter

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

To all those Mom's out there.....Happy Mother's Day

Take some time today for yourself...
To remember the sniffling colds, or the late night trips to the ER.

Take some time today for yourself...
To remember the giggling, tickle time with a book.

Take some time today for yourself...
To remember the making of forts in the basement out of all those quilts.

Take some time today for yourself...
To remember the graduations (from preschool to now).

Take some time today for yourself...
To remember the joy on their face looking at the Christmas lights.

Take some time today for yourself...
To remember the Easter Egg hunt when the basket was bigger than they were.

Take some time today for yourself...
To remember the first time they were driving.

Take some time today for yourself...
To remember the first love interest break up.

Take some time today for yourself...
To Thank God for what you have in your life.

Happy Mother's Day

Friday, March 22, 2013

Whatcha Reading

I do some reading and a lot of audio book listening.  Over the years I have found favorite authors, ones that are thought provoking and ones that let you just settle in and enjoy.

I am always looking for a new author.  I recently just found one.  Marie Bostwick.

Lola works at the library....if I see something interesting I will have her try to get it for me.  My recent shopping endeavor to the LQS had me looking at books for sale by the register.  A new quest for Lola, find the beginning of the series and start ordering them in.

Marie Bostwick's first book "Fields of Gold" is an excellent book.  One night the clock was past 1:30am before I forced myself to go to bed.  It is time to have Lola looking for some more by Marie.

I have since continued the series. The follow up novel is "On Wings of the Morning".  This follows the son born in "Fields of Gold"  Some of the time overlaps and it is nice to see the sons reaction to the same events.
Marie Bostwick also has a series about a women who divorces, leaves Texas and starts up a quilt shop in a Connecticut. The series again has some time overlaps and shows some of the same events viewed by a different character. These books are "A Single Thread" and "A Thread of Truth", just to name a few.

My favorite book to this point is "Fields of Gold".  All her books are enjoyable and bring you into the characters lives.  Somehow, the "Fields of Gold" does more.

Stop by your local library and check one out.  Our library will order books in from other local libraries for easy check out and return.

Just Another Quilter

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Name This Quilt!

The turquoise & white quilt that still needed some borders, now has some borders.    This quilt is based on the Moda Bake Shop Sugar Pop N Change.  With the limited amount of fabric remaining, the quilt needed some design changes.  The changes look great.  Not only did the change let me play with the “Accuquilt Go” that DH picked up for Christmas, it also turned the notch up on the “looks hard but not be hard” that I aspire to achieve.
DSC01307 (1024x835)
This quilt needs a name.  Help!  Let’s hear some suggestions!
Just a couple other quick projects.  Here are the two pincushions sitting back behind the quilt.DSC01301 (1024x766)
The top fabrics were purchased from the local junk shop.  The containers are a peanut butter jar and a Pringles container.  Sand comprises the center with a layer of batting over top.  You can see the sun is out today, but the wind is whipping through at almost 30 mph giving a wind chill of –1 this morning.

Man, isn't it Spring, yet!

Check out what "Quilting on the River" has going.  She is just down river.

Happy Quilting,
Just Another Quilter

Another one bites the dust!

Our area has a few quilt shops.  A few speckled in some of the small towns in the area.  When I am in the area, I stop in.  On Saturday, MJJR was in a band competition about 30 minutes away.  In between competitions, I ran over to their LQS.  Lots of vehicles in the parking lot….some were in front of a sign saying…”Please don’t”.  I parked and checked out the  8” x 10” sign before I went in.  “Please don’t park in front of the dumpster” was pinned to the large sign saying, “Closing the business”.   The LQS is in an old church that still has all the old pews.  The fabric sits on the pews, the long arm sits up in the altar area.  Classes are just to the side where the choir would sit.  The owner was approached because of the acoustics of the building.  It is  going to be turned into a recording studio.  The owner always wondered how she would sell the unique building when she was ready to retire.  She shot them a price and they accepted.  She left on her terms, and will now long arm out of her house.  It is sad to see it go.
We lost the shop where I took my first lessons over the summer.  The shops lease was up and the second grandchild was on the way.  She always wanted to retire when the second grandchild came, the announcement came within a week of the lease renewal forms.  She also moved the long arm into the home.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


The Turning Twenty Simply Sashed came back from the quilters.  The binding is almost done.  It looks great on the deck railing.  Bailey wanted to get into the picture today.DSC01296 (1024x768)
Soon the deck will be full of snow.  We are scheduled to get 3-5” of snow with high winds this afternoon.  The schools have issued an early out for the girls.  MJJR is disappointed.  What middle schooler wouldn’t want to come early.  One who has a basketball game scheduled against the arch rival and is predicted to win.  Yesterday’s game was a close match with MJJR hitting a 3-pointer with 0.8 seconds left on the clock to tie up the game and lead the team into overtime.  The team lost in overtime, but what a great game. 
Lola has logged over 1000 miles looking at colleges and interviewing for scholarships at 2 different universities.  Understand, Lola is a perfectionist with lots of drive.  At this point the decision is: who will offer the most money and what can each school offer her, not will I get in.  With that same knowledge, pray for this girl as she makes these hard choices in the next 2 weeks.  Also, as she learns there are all kinds of people in the world and some are more difficult to work with than others.  Pray that she holds her own and stands up for the decisions that she has made.  Pray for those that still haven’t learned what leadership truly is and teach them that giving respect will help them get respect and to not just rule with an iron hand.
Off to get the hair trimmed and pick up salt for both the driveway and water softener.

Just Another Quilting Mother

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Does your spouse think you are spoiled!

My spouse always thinks that my life is soooo much better that others.  He thinks that he spoils me sooo much.  He is right,  he buys me sewing machines, fabric, templates and even scissors.  I will certainly not be trading him in for a new model any time soon.  I have an awesome life, great kids, great house (with a new kitchen coming soon), and a wonderful husband.  Just a reality check though, my husband travels an awful lot, my family is 5 hours away, his family is at least 7 hours away.  My youngest takes some extra attention and my job includes making life threatening decisions for others.
So, back on topic: I came across someone who has me beat.  Last week I met Long Arm Quilter, Linda Price.  Long Arm Quilting is her business and this is her studio. 
Starting at the bottom of the stairs (her basement retreat) on the right, the long arm.  Did you see her batting stash on the back wall?
DSC01283 (1024x768)
Swing to the left of this photo, the other long arm.DSC01284 (1024x768)
Be sure to check out all the gorgeous quilts hanging.
If you swing again to the left, here is a little entertainment and some storage.
DSC01285 (1024x768)
Now, this is a pretty great space, but there is no real great comfy space to do your piecing around the Long Arms.  The piecing alcove is nearby and is set up great.
DSC01287 (1024x768)
Where is this located….if you take a sharp right coming off the stairs.  Check out the large ironing station here…that is my quilt sitting there on the ironing board.  These next 2 pics are blurry, sorry.  Here is the area between the piecing alcove and the 1st Long Arm. 
DSC01286 (1024x768)
This is the next area just past the alcove. The blurry item on the right in the middle of the pic is the design wall.  The tables are the cutting station.  DSC01288 (1024x768)
The owner of all this again is Linda Price (her Facebook link—I do not have Facebook so I don’t know what you will find in there, but I bet, great quilts).  She is one of the nicest Long Arm Quilters I have met.  She is also a Longaberger Basket Representative.  Linda had a few friends over to hang while we were there, every day is like a retreat.  She did say that it takes a little effort to decide that you want to go turn everything on and get started.  The group headed off the do a little shop hopping not long after we left.

I can’t wait for the call and see what she decided to do with my quilt….my instructions, an overall pattern. 
One last photo.  There is a quilt hanging right to the left of where I am standing taking the photo above.DSC01289 (1024x768)
What a place to get some inspiration. 
Just wait until the next time the husband says that I am spoiled.  We will be having a chat.
Just Another Quilter