Friday, November 3, 2017

Finished This One!

With the recent wanderings, I decided to join a quilt guild close to the present location.  This is a way to make some friends in the area and to venture out.  The October speaker was Melissa Corry of  I enjoy Melissa's site. My theory of "make it look hard but not be hard" falls into her style, along with "let the fabric do some of the work for you."

 This is one of her first Moda Bake Shop recipes-Sugar, Pop N Change.  This is the second time of making this project.  Here is the previous.  The applique occurred when no more fabric was available from a vacation fabric purchase.  
The most recent quilt is All Framed Up.  Just a little Sugar, Pop N Change has applique and hers doesn't.  This one has applique and mine doesn't.  It is destined for a teenager.

Hoping to put a new top on the longarm soon.  It is between these 2 quilts....

Scrap Crystals-Bonnie Hunter  
This just needs the outer border.  The back fabric is planned.

The left overs from the previous Grand Illusion-Bonnie Hunter Mystery-2015??
No idea for the back.  Binding is made.
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Let me know which one to throw on the machine.......Just Another Quilter

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


I can't believe it has been so long since posting.  Some life happened not long after the previous post.
I am now a happy wandering gypsy with my husband.  This will extend into the summer.

Both Lola and MJJR are happy and moving into the next phase of life.  Lola is working in the publishing/online software business in the Chicago area.  We go look at apartments with her this weekend.

MJJR is a freshmen in college in Indiana, about 1 hour away from my whole family.  It is so nice to see her thriving and making good adult decisions. Mom & her sister (my aunt) went and watched her basketball game last night.

All this means that so much more time is available for sewing, knitting and all the good stuff.

Back before the eclipse.....I tested Joanne's pattern....Eclipse Sky.  It hung in the local Botanical Center during the Eclipse.  It is still a top, but is just beautiful.
I see in my photos...there was a nice night out at the ball park.
A visit to Shedd Aquarium in Chicago
A beautiful walk at dusk.
And my first bus ride to a quilt show.  Madison Quilt Expo.  OOOOhhh......I will be taking more trips now that we have a empty nest.

The Christmas Traditions Silent Auction quilt is off the long arm.
Another quilt is a piece based on Melissa Corry's All Framed UP.
The binding is going on today.  Got the opportunity to meet her last week!

Hope to be a little more predictable......even if life isn't.

Happy Quilting,  Life is what you make it....So make it!