Thursday, February 6, 2014

Knitted Project

My knitted projects don't always turn out quite as I expect.  As a beginning knitter and a lifetime crafter, I often take on projects that are beyond my experience.  Last week, I learned my purl stitches were created wrong—oops. Sometimes it doesn't matter, sometimes it does.  Consistently is often more important that right.  This does make a difference for stretch and drape of a project though.
Has it been cold and snowy this year?  YES! I love the snow.  My favorite exercise of all time is snow blowing.  I love working up a good sweat and watching more snow come down.  The fresh snow is a lovely sight.  A few animal tracks through the snow is even better.  Usually that means more snow needs to come down to keep me happy.  Happiness is this winter.  It's snowing again now!  Already hit my driveway today, worked on the neighbors too!
So back to the knitting project—something was needed to keep me warm out in the snow.  The old scarf would get loose sometimes and stopping was necessary to get everything all tucked in.  This Burberry Inspired Cowl is working great.
DSC02775 (1024x712)The project only took 2 days and that's after a doing some ripping.  Some alterations to the pattern were made to decrease the size and work with the bulkier yarn and larger needle size. 
This project has to date been my most successful!  Another pair of socks went on the needles last night. (My other socks are slightly tight, hope these are better.) These small projects are great for the car.  DH drives to most of MJJR's away games.  MJJR has 2 games left in conference play.  One games is a reschedule of the reschedule.  Snow!
Keep those fingers busy,
Just Another Quilter

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Project Updates

DSC02772 (1024x956)
One of my recent finishes, is the Brown Stars Quilt.  The half square triangle unit in this quilt was a "Leader & Ender" project 2 years ago.  These units came together quickly just before a quilt class.  These units came together in reverse coloring of the quilt I was teaching and made for a great second sample.  The borders were placed in November and it was layered in December. The quilting turned out great and the binding was finished on Monday, February 3rd.
DSC02776 (1024x768)
A wavy line was stitched for the border and another run parallel.  This design was used on a previous quilt.  The loop-d-loo's were done to give a little more whimsical feel.  Feathers scare me just a bit—changing direction and figuring out the middle and end parts—this design is a great alternative.  You can see some discussion about quilting the flowers here.
Check in tomorrow for my latest knitting project.  My favorite knitted project so far.
Sew Much Ado is having a linky party today.  Stop over and check out some "We Did It" on Wednesday.
Happy Quilting,
Just Another Quilter