Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Latest Adventure

We have returned from our latest adventure.  The girls returned to school on Tuesday last week.  I took Thursday to relax and have the ladies over for breakfast.
We joined DH on his business trip.  We enjoyed the day at Niagara Falls.  This is a view of the “American Falls”.  This set of falls is on the US side.  The pics are taken from the Canadian side.  The observation deck is in the same location as the old border bridge that was taken off its foundation from an ice jam, many years ago.
This is the official “Niagara Falls”.  Water from these falls is  from 4 of the Great Lakes.  The mist from the falls is so big that you can see it from miles away. If you enlarge this photo you will see the boat on the right side.  This is a fairly large boat, holds a couple hundred people and is 2 stories high.  We went on the boat.  We were given rain jackets to wear.  MJJR decided to not were the hood, her hair was completely drenched.  The amount of water and the quickness of it coming was unbelievable.  At night, the locals turn down the spigot and capture the energy for electricity.  We enjoyed the day with some new friends.  Another family from the same training DH was attending came to the falls with us.  The family is from Spain.  The 5 of us girls had a great time while the DH’s had training.  We did some back to school shopping. 

 We also found a great museum.  This children’s museum has a wonderful butterfly garden.  They have both an indoor and outdoor garden. Not only did they have awesome butterflies, they also had a hatching center.


 There was 2 big windows full of chrysalis’.  This looks creepy at first.  Butterflies are drying their wings and you can see some are moving trying to get out.
Now that things are getting back to normal (Yeah, right!  Our well went out today and we are expecting a hotel visit for a couple days unless the fix is easier than expected), I am hoping to work on the dahlia quilt.  I am still avoiding the work.  I have done some extra cleaning, knitting and anything else to avoid the quilt. 

Happy Quilting,
Just Another Quilter

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Ricky Tims’ Seminar

I wanted to show a little about the seminar that came to town.  I really learned how to quilt from watching Alex Anderson and stopping by the LQS and talking to a seamstress that would hold classes periodically.  She would conduct business in the shop but doesn’t work in the LQS.  So to have Alex Anderson come to town was BIG for me.  I had made a Convergence Quilt by converting a Ricky Tims’ pattern for my dad.  I loved how fast it went together.  Mine was throw size and had 4 fabrics.  Libby Lehman…didn’t know much about her before going into the seminar…just that she was a machine quilter.

I am not one to be awestruck, I was when I saw Alex.  It was in very early the 1st day.  I could talk to her it was so slow…I just couldn’t think of anything really to say.  A quilter not having much to say?  Me not talking?  Who is this dumbfounded girl?  I did manage to ask if I could get my picture taken with her.  Yes, of course.  (I have to decide now to show you the pic or just leave it up to your imagination.  As I have 12 & 16 year old girls…I have to make sure that I make the same choices that I would like them to make. Facebook and sharing isn’t always good.  For this reason I think that I will not put the pic in.)  :{
DSC00487 (1024x1008)DSC00484It was soo cool to see some of the quilts that we see around.
I sat right in front of this Lonestar quilt.  It was neat to look at this quilt over the 3 day seminar.  Ricky and his father made this quilt together.  The Rhapsody quilt was also up front.  I love how such a bright red is the neutral color is this quilt.  Ricky also mentioned how 10 spools of thread was not enough to machine applique down of the pieces.

DSC00490 (1024x956)
I also love the way Libby has moved from her thread play to the color variations and reverse applique of her more current quilts.  These quilts are generally simple piecing.  She will draw a line and then stitch and cut out the outside or the inside.  She then will satin stitch around the raw edge to cover it up.  This is done before the layering.  She uses a LOT of stabilizer. 

DSC00503 (973x1024)This is Alex’s latest BOM.  This is the brighter color variation.  My pic with Alex is in front of the beige and brown variation.  If you ever get the opportunity to go to something like this, do it.  I am not sure that I learned many new things.   I will try some of Ricky’s techniques and maybe Libby’s.  Alex’s stuff…I would never sign up to make a quilt that looked like this one.  My KING was intricate…but I did not see the final project until I was done.  I would not have sign up to make that quilt if I had seen the finished project.  I do thnik getting all those quilters in one place is fun.  I have been to many retreats and classes.  You just need to have quilters sharing ideas.  Even if you don't think that you will use the may just be what the person sitting next to you needs to know to open them up and share that trick you is just what you need to know.  I really am glad that I went.  I enjoyed meeting new people (I ate with people I didn't know and even got to show them the Chocolate Manor.)

Hope you enjoy the pics.
Just Another Quilter

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Dahlia

This Dahlia, as I stated before is from a long time ago.  The top was the greatest colors, back in the day.  Now I still like the design and I do like the colors, but I don’t have any drive to finish this quilt.  I have taken this quilt to retreat so many times.  It is a standing joke just to ask if it is done.  I might actually have it done by the time retreat rolls around.  I don’t think this will make the monthly goal.  The quilt needs to have the outside triangles put on it and a large green border (this is where I thought some gentle Ricky Tims’ curves) sewn on.  A back needs to be found, layered and quilting completed.  The girls go back to school this month, but we have one more traveling adventure before that happens. I will be excited if the quilting is underway.  I have been working on the small “crazy” triangles for about 2 years.  I hate this technique, I only have 4 left to go.  I am so glad that this quilt will have a whole month dedicated to it. 

On another note,  this is fabric that DH brought me back from Nebraska last fall.  The design is in one of the newer Turning Twenty books.  I have been using this as a leader and ender project for the last 6 months.  It is starting to shape up. 

Here is also the knitting project that I have been working on.  It is the standard “dishcloth”  pattern…yo after 1st and knit to the end, turn and repeat. I think that I may want it to be larger.  I am out of yarn.

I may see if I can find some, but think that I will start a new project or pull out the celtic knot (applique) for the trip.  I just need to make a decision.  I borrowed the knitting needles.  I know that I shouldn't have problems traveling with them, but am not sure that I want to take the chance.

Hope you are all having a great summer. 

Just Another Quilter

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Latest Rollercoaster and July UFO

I can’t believe it was 2 weeks ago that I was sitting watching Alex Anderson, Ricky Tims and Libby Lehman.  I will get the pics of the seminar up soon.  DH has been traveling for work.  He was gone during the week of the seminar.  The girls had a couple of long days, while I was at the seminar and Dad was out of town.  We had 2 days together before the family all went different ways.  Lola went to Journalism camp (south) for 3 days, DH headed off for more training (west) and MJJR and I headed off to visit with family and hang out at the beach on Lake Michigan (east).  We all returned home Thursday night.  I managed to get some time and finished the July UFO done late Sunday night.  I still might put another brown strip around the outside.DSC00505
I can’t wait to work on the next UFO.  For August, the UFO is #7.  This is my Dahlia quilt.  The top is one that has gentle curves.  I took the class before I was ready to try curves.  I finished the dahlia several years ago.  I find it funny that this quilt was chosen at this time.  I struggle to find excitement in this quilt.  It is a lovely top.  It has very little left to finish the top.  After watching how Ricky Tims’ achieves his gentle curves, I thought during the seminar that my dahlia quilt might accept this technique quite well.  Now this quilt has been drawn for finishing, and so close to learning the technique and dreaming of the techniques on this quilt.  I believe that it is the way it was meant to be. . . this quilt couldn’t have been drawn until I learned the technique.  I don't have any pics of the dahlia quilt.  I will get some soon.