Friday, January 22, 2010

Check out the design wall brown option

Man---Sometimes the stash just surprises you. I found a piece of brown that might work in my stash. What a pleasant surprise. Where did it come from you ask? Why from the Simple Abundance fat quarter bundle I won after quilt market in the fall!

Check this pic out. I placed the fat quarter behind some of the other blocks. My hope is to have this quilt read as something you might find in an old farm house.

I only have 1 fat quarter of it. I might look and see if I can find some more at the LQS. All the beige 1/2 square triangles were made with only 1 fat quarter--but there was 2 more FQ's available. This is the only one that is in the stash. Just hate to find myself a couple triangles short. I have not figured out how it will transition into a border.

Here is the pic of the overall pattern. What do you think? The dark brown would alternate "stripes" with the beige stripe. These 2 simple blocks come together to look like so much more than what they actually are. My favorite kind of layout.

On another note, our guild makes charity quilts like many guild, often I help cut. It is easier to take the fabric home and cut at my leisure within the next month. My all time favorite part of quilting is cutting, touching, ironing, straightening ( the OCD in me comes out), playing with the shapes after they are cut and trying to figure out what other usable pieces I can get out of the small chunks that are left. Here is the stack from yesterday. Here is the over 700 2 1/2" x 6 1/2" rectangles for sashing. The guild likes this pattern because if you have a whole lot of ugly fabric you can make it all go away.

Just Another Quilter


  1. I like the brown. The blue overshadowed the four-patches too much, the brown lets them shine! If the LQS doesn't have exactly that brown, why not use one that's close? If your goal is to make it look old-farmhousey, different browns would enhance that look (how many farm wives just ran out to the quilt shop for more fabric when they ran out?!).

    As for the OCD...I think all quilters have a little of it, otherwise why would we cut a perfectly good piece of fabric into little bits and sew it back into patterns that require matching points and even seam allowances? So we're all in that boat with you! (It's a fantastic boat, though!)

  2. The brown makes it sparkle. You have a wonderful layout. I am working on a quilt, for my daughter, and she wants it larger than the original plan. I am planning on several border options, and I like to lay it out and think about it, and play with different options.

    Looking forward to seeing the progress!

  3. I love the brown, it really adds a lot to the total look. In fact, I love all the colors you have used, can't wait to see it all finished!


  4. I believe you've made the better choice. It's going to be fun to follow the progress. ---"Love"

  5. Just like everyone, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the brown choice! It is beautiful and really makes a great secondary pattern. It sort of looks like shading.

    I agree with you about the ironing/cutting part. You made me laugh with your OCD comment! I am so not OCD with things in general except for quilting. What is the pattern you cut out all the rectangles for? :) Christine

  6. Well done! The brown does the trick. Happy Stitching, Ann :-)

  7. You found it! The brown looks really great. I also agree that if you don't have enough you could get a similar brown. Can't wait to see it as you progress.