Saturday, March 20, 2010

Recent Retreat

I had the pleasure of getting out of town for a few days. It was at the beginning of the month. I am a little slow getting pics here. I didn't take very many. I thought that I would show you 2 of the great quilts. I am not sure that they were actually made there. I know the Christmas one was not. I really like how the colors work in this Christmas quilt. I am not sure that I will make it in Christmas colors, but I think that this quilt goes into my future quilt list.

The other quilt is made from antique blocks that were purchased. I really like how she finished the top. Not something that I would have come up with. The blocks don't show well but they look like shirt plaids.

Myself, I worked on the sample piece for the upcoming class. I am excited that it is finished. The cutting directions are done. I have spent the time quilting it. I turned it in to the LQS on Monday. The big day is tax day--April 15th. Here is the final pic. I think that it turned out great. I really like the "good" fabric.
Man did I make the most of the fabric I had. More than once I didn't think I would have enough. The two blue sashings are different. I bumped up fabric yardage for that fabric. The blue green batik is also not what I purchased for that area. What nice shopping can be done at "Retreat" when others open their stash for you.

I have been back to hand quilting on the "Sister to the Lodge" quilt. I am almost to the outer borders. It will be nice to finish something. To date the teaching piece is the only one finished in 2010. I am looking forward to showing my design wall on Monday. It is a mess!

Oh. The oldest started drivers ed. Scary. The husband is taking her out now that she has her permit.

Keep sewing away.

Just Another Quilter


  1. Great pictures, I really like the designs of the quilts. Yours is beautiful!

    Beginning drivers are a little scary but are really great when they get some practice. Plus, you can send them to the store to pick up a few things when needed. They love the chance to drive and you can stay home with the sewing machine! ! !

  2. I love the Christmas quilt so much that I've printed it --- may "steal" the idea someday.
    The sashing/borders in the center picture are very interesting; I'd never have thought of that either.
    Your compass wall hanging is gorgeous! The blue/green background really sets off your beautiful work!

    I'll keep you and the daughter in my prayers! *grin* ---"Love"

  3. Your sample is beautiful. I bet you get a lot of takers when the sample goes up for display! I like that Christmas quilt, too...I'm with Love, I just may have to make that one someday.

  4. The good fabric? They all look good to me! Beautiful quilts and I love the colors in your sampler. :) Theri

  5. I love your class sample. Is this a pattern you designed for the class? The Christmas quilt looks stunning, yet at closer inspection I see the construction is quite straightforward. That makes it qualify for my list of quilts I plan to make eventually! Thanks for sharing. -Joanne

  6. Great quilts. Love your compass quilt. It looks really great. I like the setting for the antique blocks. The Christmas quilt is very eye catching, I really like it.
    I remember when my girls started driving, a little nerve wracking. Just keep sewing, it will keep you calm.

  7. You are going to *wow* them in class with this quilt. The combinations of fabrics work so well together. The other qiults are lovely. I so admire hand quilters. I'm looking forward to seeing Sister in the Lodge. Cheers, Ann :-)

  8. Oh looks like a great retreat! I love the Christmas quilt and the album one too. Your quilt has a sort of stained glass feel that is stunning. I really need to get better about using up my stash. :) Christine

  9. Happy for you that you got to get away and play;) I think it's always engaging to have to work out problems when quilting, especially when it comes to fabric substitution;)
    Good luck to you on making it through driver's 16 year old is learning to drive.....really scary!! Or not as bad as my 18 year old being taught how to drive by her 20 year old husband!!
    Happy Quilting!!