Friday, May 28, 2010

What's been going on!

We have been very busy lately.  The house is bustling with guests.  Mom & Step-dad left yesterday.  MJJR was promoted to the Middle School next year.  Lola finished with school too.  She is driving with her permit--her driving is coming along.  MJJR is playing softball.  Pictures were last night.  We didn't quite make it in time.  She has several pictures over the years.  We will take some pics before another game.  We were getting the teeth cleaned.  No cavities for either one of us.  DH & I went to the Dr. yesterday.  He is working at getting his very large varicose veins "microwaved".  There are some branching and they will put him under to remove them.  The veins keep him from being more active (like going for walks with me).   I organized the refreshment stands for the elementary schools Field days.  It is always a fun time but lots of work.  It was a warm day, some of the 450 Popsicles melted but we all made do.  It is always fun to watch the kids play.  The older kids even had a tug o war.  MJJR's class did well in the tug o war. 

Here is a pic of the lettuce that I planted back in early April.  I thought that you all would like to see how it looks now.  I have harvested twice now.  The taller green stuff is the spinach.  I ended up putting the pot outside a little too early and fried the small shoots.  OOPS.  I lost some of the plants.  I thought of replanting the empty areas but decided not too.  We still have a good crop there.  The smaller plants will thicken up as they have growing room.  I moved the planter to the north side of the house as the heat is starting already.  It seems we went into full hot muggy summer all at once. 

I haven't done much sewing with all the softball games, concerts, award banquets, graduation parties and such.  I am hoping to pick up a book or two in the next few weeks. 

  I often check out audio books from the library.  I enjoy this with my 30-40 commute, along with sewing or folding laundry while I listen.  I just finished listening to a great book.  It has some graphic parts that could have been left out or toned down but do help to establish the character.  The beginning is slow but the book is very interesting and intriguing.  The book is "The girl with the Dragon Tattoo".  The book is by Steig Larsson.  He passed away in 2004 after turning in manuscripts for 3 novels.  I was lead to this book by our book club at work.  I am unable to attend because of the chauffeuring that I do, but enjoy reading and discussing the books when able to.

Enjoy the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend.

Just Another Quilter


  1. Sounds like your summer is going in the traditional routine for mothers of teen-agers! *wink* Wish I had some of that lettuce right now! I'd like to hear about that picture behind your blog title! Is that candy in paper cups, or is it plants? Don't giggle! I really want to know! *grin* ---"Love"

  2. You really are busy! I remember all that end of the school year activity. Too much to fit in al at once.
    It is funny, just this week my friend at work was telling me about that book. I will have to put that on my reading list... or maybe get it in audio version....then I would have no excuse for not walking. Hummm. Hope you get some free time soon.