Saturday, January 1, 2011

The UFO Project. January #6

Judy L. over at The Patchwork Times drew her number.  She drew the # 6.

Now I just want to explain something.  I have many quilts that are in process.  Some quilts are quilts that need to be finished.  Some quilts are so far from being done that I was going to have some big explaining to do when they suddenly showed up in my life.  I was laying in bed trying to imagine what project on the list was going to be picked.  How am I going to rationalize the putting away of quilts or projects (socks) that I have been putting a lot of time into?  How is the family going to take it?  Can you see the anxiety building?

Well the number that was drawn-6.  I put my quilts in no particular order.  Does one remember that order?  No.  The anxiety is building as I go to the blog.  What am I going to  be going working on? 

Let just say God is on my side.  I will be working on the “Alaskan Christmas Quilt”.  Last year this quilt was given to the family for Christmas.  I told them I would finish it in the next few months.  That was over 1 year ago.  It is made from fabric purchased in Alaska in 2008.  This trip included my mother and step-father accompanying us.  The hubby had to come get me from the quilt shop so that I did not miss the bus.  (I had plenty of time.)

This is probably the best and most appropriate quilt for me to be working on.  I worked on this quilt yesterday.  Where am I at right now?  The medallions are quilted, two more sets of triangles around the medallions still need to be quilted.  The quilt patterns are in the final stages for the cream background.
I look forward to accomplishing this goal. 

Just Another Quilter


  1. Yay #6! I'm glad it's a quilt you don't have to justify working on. It's looking great!

  2. Glad to hear the first project is one you are motivated to work on. It will be done in no time! It is beautiful!

  3. I love those center pieces!! It's a gorgeous quilt!! Have fun working on it;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  4. Very pretty! Love the center medallions. Are those fussy cut from the fabric?


  5. I remember this top. It is looking good. Enjoy finishing some of those UFOs.

  6. Awesome! I love that top! My project #6 is one I started more than 13 years ago and it still has a fair amount of piece work to complete.