Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Name This Quilt!

The turquoise & white quilt that still needed some borders, now has some borders.    This quilt is based on the Moda Bake Shop Sugar Pop N Change.  With the limited amount of fabric remaining, the quilt needed some design changes.  The changes look great.  Not only did the change let me play with the “Accuquilt Go” that DH picked up for Christmas, it also turned the notch up on the “looks hard but not be hard” that I aspire to achieve.
DSC01307 (1024x835)
This quilt needs a name.  Help!  Let’s hear some suggestions!
Just a couple other quick projects.  Here are the two pincushions sitting back behind the quilt.DSC01301 (1024x766)
The top fabrics were purchased from the local junk shop.  The containers are a peanut butter jar and a Pringles container.  Sand comprises the center with a layer of batting over top.  You can see the sun is out today, but the wind is whipping through at almost 30 mph giving a wind chill of –1 this morning.

Man, isn't it Spring, yet!

Check out what "Quilting on the River" has going.  She is just down river.

Happy Quilting,
Just Another Quilter


  1. Totally stumped. I don't think up names, they just sorta happen!


  2. I love your quilt! The first quilt top I ever made was a black and white version of the Sugar Pop n Change, but because it is king sized it's still only a top! I haven't actually managed to quilt anything larger than a single on my machine yet... Sorry I'm useless with names! :o)

  3. Well, I'm no help either! Love the quilt, but can't even name my own so...

  4. Love the applique in the center, and that you took the pattern and made it your own.

  5. I love your -soon to be- quilt!
    The first I thought of when I saw it- before I read your text- was "Blå Tång"!
    I´m from Sweden so this "Blå Tång" is when translate the same as "Blue Seaweed"!

  6. It's a stunning quilt! The centres motifs really make it sing. I'm utterly useless at naming quilts but those colours have a Carribean feel to them. Reminds me of those beautiful blue and sea greens you see on nature shows. Clever pinchusions! We have more hot days to come and then hopefully some cool weather.

  7. Your quilt is gorgeous! "Center Attraction" keeps spinning through my head when I look at it. ---"Love"