Sunday, March 11, 2012

Quilt Updates

Last year I participated in Judy L. UFO project.  This year, no list was done, but so far, I have finished 1 project a month.  I plan to keep up the progress. 
January’s finish was the Christmas quilt.  This quilt actually was the January UFO last year for Judy’s project.  I put it on the back burner after the back fabric bled.

A friend organized a retreat for a few of us in February. Thank you again, Kim.  That dedicated time allowed for February’s finish.  The color is way off on this.  Here is a better view of the coloring.  The quilting was finished during retreat and binding attached. 

This project was next in line at retreat.  It was already cut & organized, prior to retreat.  The pattern is the same as the quilt above.  The quilt is made with all fat quarters, except the black.  Wouldn’t you know, I ran out of black at retreat.  Had to run to the new quilt shop for more.  The shop opened in the small town where we go for retreat. DSC01025 (1024x576) It is “Stitches N Stuff” in Dewitt, IA.  The shop had just what I needed.  The owner even gave us quilt “candy” for having our retreat in the area and coming in to her shop.  The top is almost done.  It still needs one border.  It sat for a day, until the borders finally fell into place.  The corner stones will be the flowery material and the sides will be scrappy with the solid style “batiks” with black between each.  The border will be fairly small….I don’t have much fabric left…remember fat quarter-that can no longer be found.  The black frames are only 1 1/2” cut.  The small black frames might look odd with the binding if it is larger than 1/4” and my binding is always bigger than that.

One quilt did get layered up at retreat.  Used up another roll of batting!  I think this is my third roll.  It will be awhile before I buy another roll.  Four quilts are already layered, 3 of which just need finishing touches on the outer borders.  Two quilts are ready to go to a quilter.   Most I quilt myself,  I need to do some hunting for a quilter.  These are larger quilts and it's time for a professional.

Happy Quilting,

Just Another Quilter


  1. Hmmmm---sometimes I have days (weeks?)like that! Both your quilts are really pretty! You WILL get them finished someday; don't fret! ---"Love"

  2. Wow, hard to believe both quilts are cut to the same pattern! They look completely different! Well done!