Friday, September 19, 2014

Finish It Up Friday-September 19th

It was time to set down and figure out the corners of A Star in the Sky.  Yep…figured it out.  The 2 1/2” strips making up the border came out evenly but with 28 strips…one side had a strip with a white end and the other side a solid strip.  Corners…ugh.  I decided to have the corners be the same so one side has solid stripes with the white four patch touching the inner border.  The other side has the sides ending in the stripe ending with a light square.  The four patch in the corner is on the outside.  If it was next to the inner border it would get lost.

Didn’t turn out too bad.  The colors look so much better outside in the fall sun.

Morning in corn country.  This wasn’t always beautiful in my mind.  It took a few years being SURROUNDED by corn to appreciate the beauty.

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Just Another Quilter


  1. I love that quilt. The blues, and the lovely border. Nice job on the corners, they look perfect.

  2. Blue is one of my favorite colors and that is such a pretty top. I grew up on a farm, so my goal was to get away from farm life. Now, years later, I would really like to live in the country again! I'll be looking forward to the finished quilt.

  3. The blues are fabulous! Thank you for emailing me to let me know you used my Moda Bake Shop feature. I love your border variation. Stunning! Awesome! Love it!--Shannon