Friday, June 10, 2016

Finished it Up on Friday-Quilter's Scrapbook

Finished Up the quilting and binding. Here's the quilt.
After some car rides last weekend, the binding is done just in time for Bonnie Hunter to see it for Show and Share.

The Quilter's Scrapbook pattern is designed by Canuck Quilter.  I just love looking at all the pieces. It brings back all the quilts given to loved ones over the years. This quilt top is a from 2012. I just might have to make a new one with all the current
This quilt gave some practice on the long arm.  The spiral designs turned out great. a different design in each block.

 These spirals are so forgiving.
 There is some straight line ruler work in the quilt.  The lines aren't straight. No pictures. No proof.
 Always something different to try.  Those corner loops were just added to bring the design into the corner better.

This is my youngest in the house.  She arrived in January 2015.  She left a house a full house where she couldn't get along with her brother and sisters.  Here she is the Queen.  She loves to sleep while I sew.  She took a quick nap in the sun while I took the few pictures.  She found the spot and was all cozy while the block pictures were taken.

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Happy Quilting,
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  1. Joanne's patterns are all so lovely, and your quilt is beautiful! Your quilting looks great to me! ---"Love"

  2. Love that scrappy quilt! You did a great job with the quilting.

  3. I love your postage stamp quilt. Awesome piecing and the borders are fabulous. Great job on the longarm quilting "adventure" as well. Thanks for sharing at KISMIF Mondays.

  4. Thank you for sharing the finished quilt! The quilting on yours is much fancier than on mine. It looks great! I also enjoy picking out all the scraps in mine from previous quilts, remembering who each one was for.

  5. It looks so great. I just love the borders. And the quilting is beautiful.

  6. I love the layout of this quilt!