Sunday, July 8, 2018

Ready for Binding

After a year and a is ready for binding.

This is the quilt I said I would not make.....

Do you recognize it?  It is different than others you have seen.  I changed the background to black and shifted some colors.  Oh! and 1 sashing difference.

It is "En Provence".  Bonnie Hunter's 2016 mystery.

Why wouldn't I make it?  Enough projects were going. Didn't have time, high school senior, just plain ole too much going on.

Why did I change my mind? 

The scrap crystal quilt was using many of the same size and colors.  Might as well just run some of the mystery stuff through the machine.  So glad I did.  I just love both quilts.

Recently had the opportunity to take a Bonnie class in St. Charles, IL

Coming soon....progress on Cathedral Stars.  So excited that I had the opportunity to take this class with a newer friend, Shawn.  Definitely a good new friend.  She so kindly put me up after the Bonnie class.  This was needed since DH has now retired and we have moved out of the temporary housing.  It is so nice to be back in our own house.  I will dearly miss all the new knitting and quilty friends from the Chicagoland area.

Keep may just swing to the quilty side.  Reporting here should happen more frequently.

Just Another Quilter, Jane


  1. Beautiful! I'm glad you ended up making it. And I hope you get life back in order so you can quilt when you want again soon!

    1. Been quilting when I want....just don't have the ability, or reality, want to learn how to edit photos, post and do much more than sew while on the move.

  2. I love quilts with dark backgrounds and your En Provence is so pretty! It looks completely different from the original one by Bonnie. Glad you will have more time to quilt and blog, looking forward to seeing more from you!