Monday, August 6, 2018

Mah Jong 9 Patches

Most of my quilty friends know not to ask how many projects are IN PROGRESS.  So many of my quilts "in progress" have begun as leader and ender projects.  I have made a couple quilts from 9 patches that were made between other quilts.  

This one is based on Bonnie Hunter's Zig Zag 9 Patch.  It is still within the family collection and was completed in 2015.
Note the border is purple, not blue as the picture appears.  

Here is the latest quilt.  I love just a little black and some appliqué in most of my quilts.  Check out the quilt on our "his & her" Adirondack chairs.  We made these from a large pallet delivered from a home improvement center.  We made these chairs on the weekends while we split our time between our home and work a couple hours away. So far my DH has yet to join me sitting in the chairs.
I enjoy downloading a magazine on my mobile device and having some coffee (or other refreshment) while reading overlooking the lake.

You can see how close the chairs are to the lake.  We have 3...yes 3 snapping turtles that have made a home in the lake.  They like to hang out just in front of the chairs.
Check out the "lifesavers" added to the corners.  This is similar to some of tiles in my Mahjong screen version.  This time the corners were appliquéd down as part of the quilting itself.
DH has requested that this quilt stay within the family.  That is one way to tell it is a hit!

Hopefully come 2019, this will be a class offering through the Mississippi Valley Quilters Guild.

So FYI, I now have 2 guilds, Mississippi Valley Quilters Guild and Prairie Star Quilters Guild.  Both of them has shows coming up.  Both shows are great.  Here are the links to the guild websites.  I hope to check them both out.

MVQG-Mississippi Valley Fair Grounds, Davenport, IA  September 21 & 22
PSQG-DuPage County Fair Grounds, Wheaton, IL  October 12 & 13

Just Another Quilter,


  1. Both quilts are wonderful, I love quilts with dark backgrounds! Enjoy the quilt shows.

  2. Both quilts are beautiful, but I really love the second one best! I agree that it definitely should stay in your family! ---"Love"

  3. Hi Jane, I'm not able to attend the skill builder workshop because we are out of town. Is there a way I can get this pattern? I have lots of scraps to make useful too. Thank you.