Saturday, October 23, 2010

Food & Fabric for thought

Things are just crazy around our house.  The husband has been away on business.  Lola started a new job, is working on the stage crew for her third play now and babysitting is picking up for her.  Not to mention her stomach is giving her fits (can we say stress--she just can't see it).   Lola gets her license in January.  So to add to these chauffeuring duties lets add:  MJJR started basketball practice, had a band concert, and was on the bottom of the pile in a basketball pile up (her head is tingling--can we say possible concussion).  It all seemed to come together when Lola's job was ending (doors locking, building closing for the night) while the concert was 1 hr into the 2 bands, 2 choirs & joint pieces for both the band and choir.  I realized this at 1pm.  Lots of fun!  A few calls with lots of pleases took care of the situation.  Boy, it would be nice to have some family in the area to help now and then.

The retreat that I usually attend is also this weekend.  DH told me a couple of weeks ago to just GO.  I laughed.  He suggested that I take off after school started on Friday (did I mention he is back in town but on call--currently working at 9am Saturday morn.  I really did need some of that quilting bonding time that comes with retreat, soo, I headed off on Thursday for about 3 hours.  I squared up some blocks and worked on a little hand quilting.  I had soup for lunch and talked with long lost friends.  It was great.

But this Saturday morning, it is cooler than recent days and raining.  We really need the rain, but I could do with out the dreariness.  To brighten my mood, I cook.  A neighbor offered a butternut squash last week and I took it.  Lola loves squash soup--found a recipe and made it up.  I thought I better try it  & realized that I also love squash soup.  Yesterday, found me a few more squash--a quilting buddy with a farm.  She offered me 3!  More soup!  This will turn into Butternut Squash Soup.  I really enjoy this site.  This pot was hit with a hand blender and quickly turned into a marvelous lunch.  Today the squash was a little smaller and I covered the pot.  Last time it had the consistency of mashed potatoes--I added some half & half.  Today it is a little thin. 

Next item to share--FABRIC!  Over the last few months, our family has taken a few trips, hit a few shops and just added to the stash because--well--I really wasn't sewing and wanted to feel like I was doing some quilting.  Imagining great quilts out of new fabric makes me feel that way.

The fabric is my souvenir from Maui.  The left was at the Maui Quilt Shop on the south side.  The right was at the quilt shop in the mall--yes, the mall.  The mall is right by the airport.   

DH headed off to Nebraska for work a few weeks ago.  The quilt shop had this quilt on display and he really liked it.  He brought everything home so he could have one too! 

Last thing--next week I am off to stay with my dad who got a new hip.  I will be in katiemaytoo 's neck of the woods.   

Off to work on some bibs.

Happy Quilting,

                                                          Just Another Quilter


  1. It's amazing how busy a family can keep us;) Glad the child at the bottom of the pile up is "okay"..sports can be bruisey, but fun;) Love the fabrics you picked up. Did you send your husband to the quilt shop, or did he go on his on accord???
    Happy Quilting!!

  2. Hubby asked his coworkers if anyone knew where the local quilt shop was. A quilter in the group sent him to the right place!

  3. I hope your hubby stops in every quilt shop he's near; he did a great job picking fabrics! So did you in Hawaii! Your hands seem pretty full right now with the kids, but this too shall pass! Best wishes to your dad and his new hip! ---"Love"

  4. You do sound BUSY! But it's good you made a little time for yourself with the retreat. Your new fabrics are great. I hope you'll find time soon to work with them.

  5. Hope your Dad is doing well. Speedy recovery to him.
    You really really need some quilty time. Try and stitch a little.