Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our little trip to Jamaica

We flew down on St. Patrick’s Day to the island paradise of Jamaica, Mon.  We decided to ask some neighbors if they were interested in going.  So 4 adults and 4 kids headed off.  We had adjoining rooms.  We had a little surprise…they upgraded our room.  (This was our 4th trip to the island.)  The kids enjoyed making a crocodile….then a few days later we saw a few more.107_4_1
The real crocs were very docile.  The locals must feed them some because the crocs would let the workers actually touch them.  We all thought them as a little crazy.  The Jamaican’s aren’t known for great roads and more than a few of us got sick on the road to see the crocs.  The crocs are located in the brack or brae water (half salt/half fresh water) of the Black River.  We visited the YS Falls just north of 160_2_1the crocs. You can walk up into the falls.  There is zip-lines that fly up over the falls.  We only got to spend about 1 hour here.  Next time we will try to spend the whole day there.
The next place we headed off to was the Appleton Rum Factory.  We have been fans of the Appleton Rum for years.  This distillery has been making rum since 1749.  Many of the old ways are still in practice.  This is also the only woman senior rum blender in the world.

The view from the room is gorgeous and I can’t wait to go back.  I must say, besides the humor and events of our own group this was our least eventful trip in a long time.99_1_1  We always seem to find eventful situations or it finding us (people lost at sea, fires closing roads, social uprisings, police shootings and famous people showing up).  
My socks are coming along well after lots of airport/airplane time.  I also read 2 almost 3 books.

I wrote this up just before DH left for Tokyo.  I finally had some time to gather up the photos.  Things are going pretty good.  I did sign up for Weight Watchers on Thursday before the "Are you sitting down?" call.  I am doing pretty good considering.  I have taken off most of the Jamiaca weight.   My worst time is after the girls go to bed. 

Just Another Quilter


  1. It looks like you had a lovely vacation. I hope all goes well with your husband in Tokyo.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time -- my husband would have loved the Appleton Rum Factory. I hope your husband is doing well. I hope you and your girls are doing well, too.


  3. What a fun trip! The photos are great. Head for your quilting when the girls to go bed - I know that keeps me too busy to think about much else. :)

  4. Great photos. Love the crock in the sand.
    Good luck on Weight Watchers, I have been on it too. I usually have a hard time in the evenings. I am a terrible snacker. I usually try to have some hand work ready, that usually helps keep me from eating.

  5. Fun in the Sun! What could be more perfect!


  6. Looks like a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing your pictures. Best of luck with Weight Watchers, I have a friend back in Illionis who did very well with the program. Having some hand work to do in the evening helps me, sometimes, with snacking. I'm not bad the rest of the day but in the evening I have a harder time resisting the urge for a snack. Keep busy and your husband will be home before you know it. Hope he is doing well.

  7. Glad you had such a delightful trip. What a fascinating place Jamaica seems to be. They play a pretty good game of cricket too. Ann :-)