Friday, July 1, 2011

Another Completed UFO!

Yeah!  I completed another UFO.  I have checked off 4 projects this year now.   This is the latest completed projects.  The table runner is on my cedar chest under the television.  I usually have the pictures of the girls on either side of the box.  This box was a gift quite a few years ago.  It holds many votive candles.  It is the inspiration for the Hoffman diamond quilt (it is the challenge for July).
I really like how it turned out.  The bonus part….it is two sided.  It has a Christmas runner on the other side.DSC00436-1_2_1I made 2-sided binding.   I will have to find the site my directions are from.  I printed them out several years ago.  I like the directions I have because it gives cutting directions for several different versions and includes pictures.

Next….#2 was drawn (Hoffman Turquoise Diamond Quilt).  That is the quilt that was inspired by the box above.  I work on this quilt back in February at retreat.  I have the quilt sewn into rows already.  It shouldn’t take much to finish up the top.  That is the goal.  I may see if I can get it layered.  This is an old picture of the quilt.
My brother and his family arrive tonight….actually tomorrow morning very early.  We will enjoy a day on the lake tomorrow.  The temps are well into the 90’s and the humidity is high.  Only real place to be is in the water.
I also had an old quilting friend come over today.  She moved a couple towns away about 5 yrs. ago.  We had a great time, just it was too short.  We vowed to make it happen again.  It was almost 3 years from the last time we saw each other.
Have a Happy 4th of July. 
Just Another Quilter


  1. Have a great time with your brother and family. The lake sounds great.
    I am sure you will finish that next UFO no problem.
    Like the two sided runner.

  2. I like your two-sided runner. I've never seen two-sided binding. Can you share details? Love the diamond quilt in progress too.

  3. Two sided binding has me curious. Please do post the link when you get a chance - I might decide I need to do that someday!

    Great job on the finish and here's to hoping #2 will be finished in another month too!

  4. Very pretty! Have a fun day in the water.


  5. Great job with the finishes! Have fun on the lake and enjoy your day.

  6. That diamond quilt is very fascinating to me; I'll be watching to see more of it! The two-sided idea sounds great, and both sides are really pretty. I may have to try that before too long! ---"Love"

  7. I really like the idea of a two-sided runner. Yours is very pretty.I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.


  8. Love your two-sided runner, I have that same fabric!