Monday, June 13, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I was given a rooster at Quilt retreat back in March.  I just love my little rooster.  Later this week I am helping with Vacation Bible School.  I have a spinner coming to demonstrate!  I thought that I would give her the larger rooster.  I am also hoping to get a mug rug done for her.

DSC00390_1_1I think that my version turned out real cute.  It is made with two nine patches.  I had everything in stock!  Even better.



Lola….decided that she wants to sew!!!!  She found a pattern at Hancock’s.  She was hoping for a cute t-shirt dress, we ended up with a fitted sundress.  Now, let me first say, I can sew….blankets that aren’t ever actually square or rectangular and blankets that only lay flat after of the puckers are quilted out of them.  I am also good at making pj pants that never step foot outside of the house.  Lola asked if I was as excited about this project as she was….”No, I am just nervous and anxious.” 


Here is the top bodice….Look at all those pleats.  DSC00392 This is the other side of the bodice.  The pattern is Simplicity 2250.  I am sure that all will be okay.  God has dropped a great seamstress I know in my life twice now.   We saw her 1st on the day at the store…this was great in helping picking out lining and interfacing.  I saw her again today at Wal-mart.  I haven’t seen her more than 3 times in the last few years.  Now I have seen her twice in 2 weeks (devine intervention).

Lola’s Moment:  I just would like to add that I am not intending to become a “sewing fiend”, I just want to make something that no one else has.  Be prepared to see pictures of my future epic masterpiece!  xo Lola!

I have started on the quilting for the table runner.  The light squares are done.  I am having trouble with the tension.  The light squares have light thread on both sides, and you can’t see the polka dots.  The red and dark squares I have ripped out twice now. 


  1. A brave soul you are! I know I couldn't make that pattern! But I love your little chickens! ---"Love"

  2. A Simplicity pattern? Good choice! Most of the time their directions are fairly easy. Follow the directions if you haven't made anything like this before. If you need any help, don't hesitate to email me, I'll be glad to help. Your little roosters are really cute!


  3. Love the roosters!! So cute.
    You are brave trying that dress, it looks complicated. I make the pj pants that never leave the house too. That is about all the garment sewing that I do. LOL
    Look forward to seeing your progress.

  4. I, too, love the roosters. I am a long time sewer, although I have not made wear-ables for a while. Good luck.


  5. Cute roosters! I saw some recently that they had strung beads to make little legs that hung down! I have one and contemplated adding the legs, but realized it's missing both eyes and most of the felt thingie on it's head, compliments of my furry children. I hope yours don't suffer a similar fate! And much luck to Lola - I've tried sewing more than straight seams and mostly fail miserably. I hope she has way more patience for it than I do!

  6. Love the chickens! Good luck to Lola with the dress. Good for her for jumping in with both feet! I'm a little shy about trying anything that needs to actually fit