Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekend Accomplishment

This week I have been working on the Christmas Traditions Quilt.  Our group now has all but 1 of the blocks done.  My quilting finger is currently all tired out.  I will give it a few days and probably start back to it on Thursday. 

IMG_0098 (960x720)While giving my fingers a break, I decided it was time to pick the knitting back up.  I wanted to put something on my needles, for those time waiting at Weight Watchers or a doctors appointment.  After making a few pairs of socks, it is time to try something different.  Our family does not need another blanket in the house, no afghans patterns.  I do not like anything around my neck, no scarfs. The purchased mittens are perfect as they are.  So what can go on the needles that is useful……a top of some sort.  Off to the library, 3 of them actually, checked out about 12 knitting books.  Finally, a pattern that isn’t too hard, that is attractive and isn’t such a large commitment that it will be years before it is finished.  This yarn was purchased at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $1.79 a skein, back in May on a trip to Chicago area with DH.  VOGUE KNITTING Spring Summer 1983 Lacy Romantic SweatersIt is a smooth misty grey made of bamboo rayon and acrylic, and just feels wonderful. This is the goal.  It should look nice under a cardigan (especially one hand knitted in a year or so) or a suit coat.  The hot flashes have been starting up again and this won’t be too warm, even with something over it.

Time to call it a night. 

Happy Quilting or Knitting,

Just Another Quilter


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  2. That is going to be very pretty. The grey looks like it has a little sheen to it. Good luck getting it done! But three libraries? Wow!

  3. Wow, love that pattern. So very classic, looks really comfortable and is very attractive. You gonna make more than one?


  4. Don't you just love things that will be great under a variety of jackets, especially when they feel so good? You'll probably finish it much quicker than you're thinking. I couldn't do it in a million years! ---"Love"

  5. That is a very cute pattern and the neutral color of the yarn will go with everything! I also love finding great free patterns, either online or at the library, just can't beat that. Have fun!

  6. The yarn looks so soft and pretty. I like the pattern you found. Do you ever go on Ravelry?? Tons of free patterns there for everything. Happy knitting