Sunday, December 9, 2012

What’s UP

Where does the time go, how long it has been from my last post?  Our family has made a couple trips-to the Carolina coast and another college visit.  Basketball season is finishing up, school ball will start in January.   Lola has found herself a boyfriend….his car likes to break when Lola is around, bad brakes and a dead battery.  Lola is getting 4 wisdom teeth out at the end of the month.  DH is traveling more than ever.  Family has come to visit a couple times this fall.
Lola graduates the spring.  Time to start working on the yard.  The more that is done now, the less for later.  We put some new stones (over 250lbs each) in for steps off the deck.  Lola’s new boyfriend came in handy that day.
A couple recent finishes….
Our church group adopted a local family.  The family has 2 small daughters and a new baby boy.  These doll quilts and something for the little one will get wrapped up soon.DSC01196 (1024x768)
DSC01202 (1024x768)
The Christmas Traditions quilt was auditioned off last weekend.  The quilt went for just over $200.  That is the highest bid ever on any of our quilts.  The high bid was from a past quilter from our group.  She moved out of the area last year. 
The next quilt is in the works.  Judy L.’s “Design Wall Monday” always seems to come and go.  The post will get started but not finished.  Check back in tomorrow and see what is on the wall now.

Just Another Quilter


  1. The quilts look so pretty. Sounds like you are busy as usual.
    I will come back and see what is on the wall.

  2. 250 lb. stones? Ouch! Even MY back hurts! Those little girls are going to love those doll quilts. Does it seem to you this entire year has been busy, busy? It certainly seems that way to me, but at least you've made lots of progress on lots of projects! Try to slow down a bit and enjoy Christmas for a few days! ---"Love"

  3. Life seems to be keeping you busy. I'm glad you've had some quilting time squeezed in there! The two doll quilts are lovely, and I'll check back to see what's on your design wall.

  4. Oh, so busy! Love the little quilts.