Friday, November 29, 2013

Lola’s Quilt and leftovers

Over the summer, the quilts for the high school graduates were completed.  Lola’s quilt was finished up about 5 miles from moving in.  Pictures were not taken after the quilting was complete. 
DSC02707 (1024x768)
She brought it home for the Thanksgiving break.  There was a string on the back that her toe caught on….a “toe picker”.  Sometimes these are extra large stitches from not having a stitch regulator.  This one is from a couple stitches that looked like they popped and the back thread was still intact.  The quilting motifs include meandering in the strip piecing, why take the time if it will not show.  All of the outside purple is “Baptist Fans”.  These are fairly small.  The inner purple diamonds are from a pattern found in “Heirloom Machine Quilting” by Harriet Hargrave, page 161.   The pattern was slightly altered to fit in the allotted space.   The back is an orange flannel batik.
DSC02710 (1024x768)
On Wednesday was MJJR’s birthday.  Over the years, her birthday dinner is either turkey, leftover turkey, turkey potpie or some other turkey dish.  For her birthday she requested crab legs for Thanksgiving dinner. 
DSC02712 (1024x768)
Our leftovers might be slim pickings….they will be gone by tomorrow.  It was just the 4 of us for Thanksgiving dinner so it was no big deal not to do much cooking.  We went for a ride last night.  Not really shopping…dropped a couple pictures off for framing….more realistically…..we people watched at the 3 Wal-marts in our area, Best Buy and the people waiting to get in at Old Navy. 


  1. Lola's quilt is so bright and cheerful, so pretty! Nice quilting, too. I like the fans. Mmmmm, crab legs for Thanksgiving, that sure beats turkey any day. I'm not a big turkey fan, I like the side dishes the most on Thanksgiving. I haven't been out of the house today, I'm not a big shopper either. I just might stay in all weekend and let the other people enjoy themselves. I can go during the week when they all go back to work! Have fun while your daughter is home!

  2. Lola's quilt is wonderful. Sorry there was toe catcher in it but since it gave you an opportunity to share a picture I'm rather glad there was!

  3. Lola's quilt is beautiful!! The colors are so warm. ai bet it feels like a big hug when she wraps up in it at school.

  4. Lola's quilt is so pretty, she's a lucky gal! And I'm coming to your house for Thanksgiving next year okay? Crab legs...