Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Morning View

DH had a business dinner out of town.  He took me to the big city for a little jaunt…..over 1500 miles in 24 hrs.

This was the breakfast view this morning.
atlanta morn (765x1024)
atlanta (1024x765)
This afternoon back to the quilt.  This is needed for a Benefit on November 30th.  The binding is being put on by the top maker, so I need to keep working.
DSC02698 (1024x768)
I wanted to show just a bit of how I did the loop-d-loo’s.  These look way harder than they are.  First draw a line with something that can be removed later, my favorite is a grey pencil. Stitch along the line you drew.  You do not have to hit the line exactly….once the line is gone no one but you know whether you hit it dead on.  Stitch the loops back along the line so the connection lands on the line you stitched. As you look at my sample some fall above the line, some fall below the line and some hit.  Remember the overall look is more important than each individual stitch.  The tension will be better is you don’t rush, I tend to rush at the top of the loop, try to slow down at the top. After the loops are done, stitch another straight line and use your foot edge to keep a consistent width between the lines.  Follow that line up with the loop-d-loo’s back down the line.  To alter the pattern, try different size loops, different distances, or something besides a loop (hearts or leaves work).
DSC02697 (1024x768)I am making sections with the double lines and loop-d-loo’s and filling in the sections.  So far the sections include Baptist fans, meander, spirals and now the “railroad” looking thing above.
It is nice to be home, but after 2 long days in the airports, I am off to bed.

Happy Quilting,
Just Another Quilter


  1. Love the tips on your loops. I have to give that a try. Eventually. Quilting is looking great.
    That seems like a whole lot of travel in a day. Hope you sleep well.

  2. I love the colors used in the quilt and your quilting is really pretty. It will look amazing!