Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Little Quiltin' Goin' On

This is the current project. The fabric for Turquoise Falls was purchased on a trip we went on several years ago to upstate New York. We stayed in a hotel across from a Joann Fabrics. We were in Rochester and traveled to Buffalo and to Niagara Falls.  The charm & fat quarter pack came in under $15.  

Turquoise Falls
Top done 2012
Here is the quilt pattern that is going in the quilt blocks.  The color is off.  The flower print is a beautiful celery green.  It is coming along nicely. It has been awhile since the last finish. It feels pretty good.
Current puzzle. 750 pieces
Our family enjoys putting puzzles together.  These fish were found in the basement still sealed. I am not sure how that happened. We have several "under the sea" puzzles. Many are "glitter or glow". Young girls love to do these. Lola and MJJR think this one is too easy. Had it been started in the morning it would be done in one day.
Every summer we pull out a puzzle.  We keep one going all summer. It helps keep them away from the television. Here is the first finish of the summer.
Last puzzle finished in 4-5 days. 1000 pieces


  1. Your quilt is very pretty, and you did a great job on the quilting! I like puzzles too, but haven't had one out in quite a while. That last one you show must have been a doozy with so many similar colors. ---"Love"

  2. The fabric for this quilt were a real bargain. It's a lovely quilt. What a marvellous coincidence your hotel was a cross from a JoAnns. I loved doing puzzles as a small child. An elderly neighbour had round ones which I liked to do. I remember Knights and Damsels; and one with ducks in a reed pond.

  3. Beautiful quilt! Those colors are so summery and I love how you quilted it. We did puzzles a lot growing up, so I'm in agreement with your daughters - 750 pieces is far too easy! I love the doors. My family is partial to Charles Wysocki prints turned puzzles, though they're not as easy to find as they were years ago.

  4. Your quilt is beautiful, I love the cool, crisp colors for summer!