Thursday, June 12, 2014

Working Away

     Our guild has what they call a "Quilt Getaway" once a month.  We take over a local historical building for the weekend.  The building gets used and we get free space to sew.  It is rather nice.  Laundry dishes and yard work aren't calling, so you make progress.  Here is my progress on the most recent project, a twist on Bonnie Hunter's Rick Rack Nines.   You can see Monday when the picture was taken was a beautiful day.  Today...a little dreary.
     I managed to sneak away from reality for about 4-5 hours on Sunday.  What reality did I leave behind...a broken water softner (after 2 days with no softner and our showers will be orange, we had a whole weekend), a new car that needed some paint touch ups.  It was finally ready and picked up Tuesday, more than a week later.  The 10 yr. old SUV returned to the shop, back in after the engine light came on 2 hours after we picked it up. We finally are no longer shuffling to get everyone where they need to be. We had a car whose engine light was on for a couple years, but this time the error says that the engine is misfiring and the car will blow up.  They just put a new harmonic balance on so it probably is the old engine not playing nicely with the new part.  We also had to tear apart the air conditioner due to all the cottonwood fuzz from the neighbors trees clogging the unit, the unit is only 8 months old. 
     So after Sunday, the air conditioner is good.  The hot water tank and water softener are new. The new vehicle is in our possession.  We have enough vehicles to maneuver ourselves around now.  DH has no cavities.  My task for today--take MJJR to find a swimsuit (just what every 15 yr. old tomboy wants to do--or every female above the age of 10).
     Having my quilt mojo back, many of the UFO's are being worked on so stop back in and check out the quilting progress of Turquoise Falls.


  1. Wow! And I just thought I had been having troubles and interruptions the past few weeks! Glad things are looking better for you now. I LOVE your Rick Rack Nines! That may have to go on my To Do list! ---"Love"

  2. That sounds rather hectic...and not in a good way. Glad tro hear things are settling down. Your Rick Rack nines looks awesome. Can hardly wait to get a closer look. Hoping this week end is much more pieceful. (LOL)

  3. Those 4-5 hours sewing were precious indeed. Seems that when things break down it happens in threes. Rick Rack Nines is looking good. Another lovely scrap quilt.