Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Spring Green Finish

Recently I was asked to donate a quilt for a fundraiser for an organization at my husbands work.  Currently there are no quilts that are set aside for this purpose.  Frequently there is something laying about that is made from scraps that has no meaning or no scheduled home.
The deadline for the drawing was close and I decided that it wasn't in the cards this year.  After some consideration, I asked 3 others who have a tie to the facility if they were interested in helping....all said yes.
What looks hard but isn't?  That many can work on?  Can use any pre-cuts that we already have?  Will appeal to men (generally male work population)?

The neighbor with her sister had recently made a quilt for her grandson who is getting married.  It was beautiful and made with jelly rolls.  And the neighbor stated how easy it went together.  Off to do some research.  The pattern is a 3 Dudes Quilting in Mesa, Arizona.  After saving some pictures of the variety available in the pattern, this was the inspiration.
Ray's Quilt from 3Dudes Quilting

So a YouTube video is available from Missouri Star quilt company for this Quilt.  

3 Dudes Quilt 2
Ron Appell 3 Dudes Quilt

This version has a slightly different strip set.  But the strip set is available on-line, is made with jelly rolls and 1 1/2" black strips.  And best part....looks hard without being hard.

Spring Green with 3Dudes
Here is some pictures of us working on it along with the final top.  The quilting is done-interlocking squares.  The fundraiser is going great and we are proud of the finished product.  Thanks to those that made it possible in the 3 week process.

Keep Quilting,
Just Another Quilter


  1. For a quilt that is put together in a hurry, that is a beautiful quilt. You all should be proud of your joint efforts!

  2. It is gorgeous! Truly amazing! No doubt the new owner will love it. I hope it brings in lots of money for the project. ---"Love"

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