Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Today was a beautiful day. We enjoyed the day with family and mother nature. Some of the yard work is getting done. The paddle boat went in yesterday. Took MJJR out for a boat ride. Got a little exercise. Also took the girls to the bowling alley. I had the top scores of 96 & 74. Enjoyed the morning at church. Service was about having faith. How some of us struggle with faith all our lives, others just take it at face value and just believe. It ties into the fact that Jesus rose. Who believed, who had to see it for themselves and who always questioned.
Here are some pics that show God touched my world today. When we first moved to the house, we put in a magnolia tree by the basement door. The tree was planted in the spring and didn't bloom the next year. We called back and the landscape company supplied us with a new tree. We decided to get a different variety and plant it some place it wouldn't be in the harsh winter elements. Above is the pic of the new magnolia tree planted 10 years ago. Here is the pic of the 1st magnolia tree. We decided not to go to the trouble of digging out the tree. It lost over half of the branches during that 1st winter. After about 6 years we decided that we would dig it up if it didn't bloom in the spring. Sure enough, that spring it started blooming again. Patience & Faith. It is just starting to get blooms. It looks like it will be full of blossoms in a few days!
Enjoy life. Have faith. The best things in life take time.
Just Another Quilter


  1. Based only on your pictures, I'd say God really touched your world today. What a lovely place you have. But when I also read your words, there's no doubt; you confirmed it! I'm glad to read that you had a wonderful day! ---"Love

  2. Nature is the supreme beauty. Magnolias (crepe myrtle and peonies) are some of my favourite flowering trees. Ann :-)

  3. What a beautiful yard you have. The hubby and I would both love to live on the water someday...