Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Missing in Action

I feel like I have been lurking around lately. I thought that maybe I would check in. No pics in this one.

The orthodontist office is furnishing me with morning caffeine on Monday mornings for 2 weeks in a row. Both mornings before 8am. I also started taking a Bible Study class on Mondays. I tend to post on Monday mornings after the weekend. One reason why I am MIA.

I have never taken a Bible Study class before. As a regular attendee at church, I help out occasionally. I thought it was time to add some more depth to my spiritual journey. My spiritual journey like any other has ups and downs. The age difference is apparent in this group. I am again quite a bit younger. This group has wonderfully accepted my viewpoint. Recently I was asked to be in a play to be put on during the Sunday service. I am working on memorizing my lines.

DH ordered me my own laptop. After longing over my daughter Lola's laptop that showed up last summer I now have one of my own. Little is set up on it yet. I am looking at setting up a new email address to get some of the Hancock's, Joann's, Herrschners, etc. mail out of the family email address. Any suggestions. Lola has lots of opinions but she doesn't like any of mine. Post me some ideas.

No one ever signed up for my class a couple weeks ago. It was a busy time and with the Rosemont show later in the week and Paducah the following weekend, I wasn't surprised. Poor planning on my part. I was a little disappointed, I wasn't surprised. I was however, approached about teaching the class in a neighboring town. I need to get the sample over to my neighbor so she can talk to the person that has pull! I will keep you updated. I still need to pick up the quilt from the shop.

I was home today from work as MJJR has started with migraines. She doesn't get them enough to hit the dr. yet. As the hormones are flowing in her 11 yr. old body, I think it is a matter of time until they get worse. She gets the nausea & vomitting with it.

I hope to be more active than of late.

The handquilting project is moving along well. The outer border needs to have the pattern blown up from the sashing. Haven't done that yet. The software to blow up the pattern is on the new computer, just need to try it out. Another flower needs to be drafted to put in the last light section of the quilt. On a good note, the binding was cut and pressed today.

Just Another Quilter


  1. What a shame no one signed up for your class. You know the APQ gang would have been there with bells on. I hope the neighbouring town will have a better turn out. As for a seperate email address, I set a free Yahoo account but there are other options. Cheers, Ann :-)

  2. So sorry noone signed up for your class, but you're probably right - timing is everything. Sounds like you're not discouraged yet and that's good. You've got a good design.

    As for the separate e-mail address, I'm pretty sure hotmail, google (g-mail) and yahoo are all free. I've got an account with hotmail (for sure free) and don't remember having to jump through too many hoops to get it.

  3. I would sooo take your class. I am sure the timing was the problem. Now that the big shows are over I am sure you will get students.
    My e-mail is free from yahoo.

  4. You would have had a good turn out if we could have gotten there...I agree that it probably had to do with timing.

    I have two yahoo accounts and one g-mail; easy set-up and all free. One for business when I order stuff, one for friends and family, and another for blogging buddies. Just jump in and pick something easy to remember!

    So sorry about the headaches. I had them so bad when I had my braces that I would go directly home from the orthodontist's office and go to bed. The windows even had dark green shades to block out the light. Hope it doesn't last long.

    Good luck on the memorization! Mary

  5. Socializing with your group, no matter what it pertains to, is always uplifting. After being in New Mexico for almost 6 years, I finally started getting out this past year. Loneliness can be very depressing;)
    Migranes...only had one, and that was after being exposed to some chemicals we were working with at our old house. Wouldn't wish them on anyone.
    And for the class....keep trying. Sometime's, like you said, the timing is off.
    Happy Quilting!!

  6. A laptop of your own, how wonderful! ! ! You can put so much quilt stuff on it. Too bad about your class, everyone is right if we could have been there we would have loved it! Hope it is packed next time.

    Migrains are no fun. I don't know if you want to follow up or not but a few years back my husband developed cluster headaches. Nothing the doctors suggested helped. A friend had him call a health food store and the guy he talked to advised taking ginger and feverfew for the headaches. After taking the herb capsules for several months the cluster headaches stopped and he has so far not had them again. He always keeps some ginger and feverfew around just in case because he was really miserable. I checked and both are mentioned to help migraines. Just thought if you were interested you could research these herbs just in case your daughter starts to have more problems with the headaches.

    Enjoy your quilting!

  7. I checked your philosophy in your profile, and it seems you have made a choice that will perhaps make a difference in your life through the Bible study group. Sounds like you are staying busy all the time; wish I could be in your class sometime. Hopefully the headaches will pass soon, but keep an eye on the situation. ---"Love"

  8. My first bible study class was much the same, but I'm sure it will be a rewarding experience. Mine was a very challenging experience, but ultimately led me to meet my husband many years later who was a youth pastor.

    I feel for your daughter and her migraines. I get them every few months and they are horrible. I hope they subside!

    Keep up the work on your class and don't get discouraged. I have so often wanted to take a class and with my schedule just couldn't get it fit in. I'm always excited to see a class I wanted to take make it back on the callendar.