Monday, April 12, 2010

Design Wall Monday w/ a few extras thrown in

Well, it is Monday.
I am trying to get back into life. Here is my design wall. Looks the same from a couple weeks ago. It is storing my blocks that are pinned but haven't made it through the sewing machine yet. Why you ask? Because my walking foot is on the machine.
At the first of the year our sit n sew group decided to work on a group project. Unsure of where to look for a project, I suggested Bonnie has great instructions as we all know and several different string styles available. Our group has grown in the last couple years and with lots of newer quilters these are great projects. Since I was the one who suggested the project, I thought I better participate. A new project really wasn't needed right now, it won't be done any time soon, but it is a quilt that I wanted to make in the future. Most of the ladies are going full steam ahead. One is completely done, one needs binding, at least 1 other top is done. I have 10 blocks done. I decided to try to convert the pattern to a quilt as you go (don't need another top to finish--already have a stack of them). So I moved the current project to the floor. Check out the mess it makes at the machine. My plan is to have blue and white come together for hourglasses between the red stripes.
As always, more than one project is going at a time. The "Sister to the Lodge" is in the final stages of quilting. I don't feel like I have completed anything all year. The class sample is done, but this is the only one. The "Sister" quilt is getting close. Due to work, I don't hand quilt on Mondays and Tuesday, i.e. the need for other projects. After some thought, the beige thread called to me. It is scary putting all those stitches on the red where they will really show.
The other thing that has slowed me down is the need to do a little crocheting. The Sugar N Cream somehow jumped into the cart, 2 dishrags jumped into the drawer a few days later.
The sun is scheduled to arrive in the afternoon with highs in the 70's again. Better get my other work done. The paddle boat is calling for a spin once the sun arrives.
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  1. Wow, you've been busy! And here I thought you were just tooling around the lake in your paddle boat. I like the string quilt and the idea do make it quilt-as-you-go. My mom has made a few and not put batting in because they get so heavy all by themselves, but still has to quilt them. This is a fantastic solution! Your hand quilting looks wonderful - keep up the hard work and you'll have a few finished projects in no time.

  2. Girl, you really do have a lot of irons in the fire, at a time when you'd rather have the paddle boat in the lake! (That was supposed to be funny --- tee hee! Like my quilting, it didn't quite work out that way.) Just keep on quilting; in time you will have several projects finished, but do take time for the lake along the way! ---"Love"

  3. I like the Mariner's Compass blocks. Do you have more to make?

  4. Really like the look of your red string quilt, I love Quiltville, I have made several of her patterns and had the good luck to have her visit our guild a couple of years ago.

    kathie L.

  5. love the red strings, love the mariner' compass and the diamonds on your wall, you are really cooking!

  6. You are soooooo busy but everything looks great!
    My mom and sister make the dish rags and I have a few. They are almost too pretty to use!

  7. I really like your red string quilt. I think I will have to add it to my list of things I want to do.
    I have some dish cloths like yours only I knit mine. I really like the pattern you used.

  8. You are getting so much done, it's fantastic! The string quilt is very striking. Nice quilting on Sister. Crochet is becoming so fashionable again. Cheers, Ann :-)

  9. Totally unrelated to your blog, but I just want you to know I'm hoping you are safe from the storms in your area (I'm guessing) this week! It was through Texas last night, but must have increased its strength as it headed northeast. Let us hear somehow when you can. ---"Love"