Monday, January 7, 2013

Design Wall Monday January 7th, 2013

My leader/ender project for the last little while has been making half square triangles, a light side and in the brownish red tones.  Saturday decided it was time to really work on it.  Later this month I am teaching a quilt at the library, the top was made more than 10 years ago.  I needed to figure out good pressing instructions.  This quilt is made with 4 1/2” squares.
DSC01213 (1024x768)
The leader and ender project has been with 3 1/2” squares.DSC01254 (1011x1024)
Haven’t decided how big it should be.  What do you think about a dark border around the outside to finish it off?
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Just Another Quilter


  1. You would know I love the red/blue stars! On the brown quilt, just look at what I think is a medium brown door facing on the left side of the picture; that color looks good for a border to me. The dark points contrast well with that medium brown, which matches the lighter browns in the quilt. I think that would look good. ---"Love"

  2. I like these quilts. Simple design but very effective. I agree with Love for the brown quilt border.


  3. Oh, I think a dark border would work really well. Love all the colours - a very wintery quilt!

  4. Fabulous quilts! For the second one I'd put on another light border and then finish with a brown binding. Guess it depends on how big the finished quilt is going to be.

  5. beautiful quilts love the zig zaggy border

  6. Such pretty quilts, I love the beautiful colors!

  7. I love the leader-ender thing! Both quilts are gorgeous.

  8. Beautiful quilts. I like the brown one left with the zig zag border - that's a great frame!

  9. You know, I love everything you do....