Friday, January 4, 2013

Finish It Up Friday

The center portion of the quilt is finished up! The center turned out so good.  After making some trial DSC01249 (1024x768)Accuquilt Go! cuts with scrap fabric, there was a plan.  The other template looked very small in the space.  The enter felt empty.  By adding the circles and center motif to DSC01250 (1024x768)the quilt, the contrast level down is  reduced and feels harmonious with the rest of the quilt. The center flower is made up of 4 feather petals and a circle.  My gut is telling me to live with this quilt a while.  The border fabric may be too much for the quilt.  Those circles lived in many different places before this final layout.
Other options:
  1. Small border of dark turquoise 
  2. Splatter fabric for around the edge (small or large?)
  3. More white around the edge
  4. Leave it as it is, currently measures 52” square.
Stop by and see Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts to see other finishes today.

On the blogging side,  I can’t seem to get a picture to upload to the “QUILT” page of my blog.  UUGHH.

Just Another Quilter


  1. It's beautiful! The center is very special! If that size is close to what you want, why not add a white border same as the sashings, and then a same width border of the turquoise? Whatever you decide, it will be lovely! ---"Love"

  2. I knew whatever you settled on would be beautiful. This is stunning! I'm sure your border decision will be just as "right".

  3. Truly a beautiful quilt. You are very talented.

  4. Itcame out awesome. I would probably audition some borders, but it looks great right now. Not sure it "needs" more.

  5. So. Pretty. Love it. I agree to audition borders, but I think a skinny white first would be a good start, then see what looks good. I'm guessing something that plays as a solid would be best so as to not distract from the quilt, but who knows?!