Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9th-Design Wall Monday

The Quilter’s Scrapbook is coming along nicely.  The blocks are done and the white is cut.  Sashing is getting pinned on.  The blue is picked out.  The accent fabric has narrowed to 2 fabrics.  DSC02716 (1024x768)
The green in the top of the photo or the peach down in the bottom.  Either piece will look nice.  I have votes for both.  The color is pretty close in the photo…the blue is just slightly darker.

DSC02717 (1024x768)
The green has a little more warmth than the picture and the blue is darker below.

DSC02719 (1024x768)

Please vote for which one you like.  Tomorrow is probably the day for cutting the accent color.

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  1. I love looking at each little square of fabric, so much color! voting for green!

  2. My favorite would be 2 shades lighter of the green......the piece I picked looks like swiss cheese.

  3. I think the green compliments everything nicely. Still love all those tiny bits of color!

  4. What fun it is to look at all of the fabrics in your blocks! I'm a green girl, too. Love the blue fabric.