Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Linky Tuesday

Today is Linky Tuesday at Connie’s Freemotion by the River.  Stop by and see what projects are happening.
My Quilter’s Scrapbook is coming along nicely.  The piles of strips made up of 10 - 1 1/2” squares are getting smaller.  Here is the current view.
DSC02714 (1024x768)
The colors are amazing.  Each of these need at least 2 more rows.  I found the blue fabric in the stash.  There is adequate yardage and it needs to come out of the stash.  It was an impulse buy, binding for a quilt, it didn’t go. It is neat fabric.  DSC02715 (1024x768) Stop back and watch the progress my on Canuck Quilter’s new pattern. 
Today is the local guild’s Christmas Potluck.  I am taking some Chicken salad and crackers.  Also on today’s agenda, label on the Christmas Traditions Quilt, and making Saltine Toffee Cookies for the Traditions sale.  This recipe is one of my go to recipes for sweet treats.  The ingredients are items found in the average kitchen: butter, brown sugar, saltines, chocolate chips and optional nuts.  Total kitchen time: 10 minutes or less.  My kind of recipe.

Have a good day, 
Just Another Quilter


  1. That blue is wonderful! Isn't it nice when things work out in the end, even if the fabric didn't fit the original intended purpose? I have that Saltine Toffee cookie recipe from my grandmother. I'd forgotten about it and haven't made it in a long time but now I'm feeling a hankering for it. What's not to like about something with that much brown sugar and butter together? :)

  2. Another pretty quilt! Can't wait to see this one finished.

  3. I put on five pounds reading your recipe! Sounds yummy! What fun blocks that uses up stash! I too have purchased fabric and ended up not using it for what it was intended! It is always nice when it becomes workable in another quilt!

  4. The blocks are beautiful!!! And I love the blue. Can hardly wait to see it finished.