Sunday, January 5, 2014

Wrapping UP 2013

Last year I set 12 projects that I wanted to complete for 2013. 
  1. Completed- February 2013.  Rock Candy Turning Twenty—Sent to a long arm quilter. Here as a family quilt.  DH picked out the pattern & fabric on a business trip.
  2. Completed-May 2013. Batik Brown Quilt—Given to nephew for HS Graduation.
  3. Completed- August 2013.  Diamond Delight—Given to Lola for HS Graduation.
  4. Completed- July 2013. Five Yard Funky Quilt—Given to a HS Graduate (Friend of Lola)
  5. Not worked on at all…Sister to Lodge Quilt—Hand quilting “Big Stitch”.  Some of the quilting needs to be ripped out and re-adjusted so the quilting design can turn the outer border.  This quilt will be moved to this 2014 Goals.
  6. Completed- Turquoise Stacked Coin w/ applique—This quilt has not found a home yet.  It had a plan, but it fell through.
  7. Not worked on…Dahlia—This quilt needs to have applique sewn on and last border added.  I want to add a border in the Ricky Timm’s Caveman style.  It makes me nervous.  This quilt will be moved to this 2014 Goals.
  8. Not worked on…Oriental Sticks & Bricks—This quilt needs to be quilted.  The binding is made.  This quilt will be moved to this 2014 Goals.
  9. Completed- Knitted Tank Top—This was completed in 2014 but only 3 days after the cut-off (finished it Friday).  My first knitted top of any kind.
  10. Not worked on…Round Robin Quilt—This quilt just needs the applique done and binding put on.  This is very close to being done.  Getting all that appliqued placed just so….scary.  This quilt will be moved to this 2014 Goals.
  11. Not worked on…Grandmother’s Plates—This quilt was deconstructed and needs to be appliqued onto new muslin.  This handwork was not started due to the tank top taking so long.
  12. Worked on but not completed…Bonnie Hunter Red, White & Blue Quilt as you go—This was worked on but not much.  This was put aside to work on “Quilter’s Scrapbook”.  This other quilt had a deadline.  This quilt will be moved to this 2014 Goals.
These were the goals…not too bad…finished 6 total.  I see of trend of applique procrastination.  But we all know that other things get in the way ,too.  So here are the projects added to the list. 
  1. Quilter’s Scrapbook—Top Done.  This is a new pattern I was lucky enough to test.  Quilting of this project this quilt will be moved to this 2014 Goals.
  2. Brown Stars—Top Done & layered.  This was a sample piece that was put together for a class. 
  3. Christmas Traditions Quilt—Quilted and silent auctioned in December.  This was made by several people.
  4. Purple Batik Jelly Roll Race—This quilt is for a Co-workers benefit, a friend did the piecing & binding. I did the quilting.
Life that kept me from quilting…
  1. Eighth Grade Graduation
  2. HS Graduation
  3. Trip to Europe (2 1/2 weeks)
  4. College Move in Day
  5. Quilt Show Director
The Europe trip, College Move in and Quilt show all happened in about 2 months.  This was why my blog was quiet.
Other big change…Unemployment. After 7 different medical lab sites (4 different hospital systems) & 23 years making life altering decisions for people….I left the medical field.  I still haven’t decided what I am going to do…I am enjoying the time off.  Only 1 day did I think….Man isn’t it time to go to work.
Next post,  Goals for 2014.  The camera needs to come out first.
Just Another Quilter


  1. I'd say you had a very productive year, and a very successful one! ---"Love"

  2. You did get quite a bit done and there is no problem moving the undone items to the top of the list for this new year. The list will keep you on track. Keep enjoying your retirement, it is time you have earned. Just think how much you can get done now!

  3. Wowee! That's quite an achievement! I didn't even get the list of UFOs typed up. Lots of wonderful quilts and projects completed and waiting for your special touch.

  4. You had a verybusy and productive 2013. I am happy to see that a couple of projects that rolled over to this year had some 'scary' attached. I seem to put aside things that are scary, or hard, or I am just nervous that they will not turn out well. I am so happy that I am not alone. ;)
    I know you will get to them and do them beautifully. Happy 2014.

  5. 2013 sounds very eventful and productive. Here's to a great 2014 to follow up!