Monday, March 31, 2014

A Little Quilting going on!

Our Sit-n-Sew group has been working on a project for the one of our founding members.  The quilt will be donated to the local hospice where our quilting friend passed away.  I have scoured the internet and my bible looking for the scripture verse hospice refers to in their practice giving comfort in the form of a quilt during passing.  I found many great verses about covering the body, but am unfamiliar with which verse precisely it is.  Do any of you know?  I didn't want to call hospice.  Help please.

Our whole group has been working on this quilt.  We are now at the quilting stage.  I volunteered to do the quilting.

DSC02815 (1024x768)

All of the blocks are done now.  

DSC02816 (1024x768)

Each block has the same quilting.  The pattern allows you to move from block to block by stitching in the ditch to the next block.  You can just see on the left how the peach and blue triangles interact.  See the butterfly type design.  DSC02832 (768x1024)

The 2 sides of the applique border are done.  Not much left.  Hopefully it will be finished by Wednesday. 

DSC02827 (1024x768)

The 1st week of the month is always busy around here.  Guild meeting is tomorrow.  The 5" Inch square exchange is tomorrow.  Just a little nervous about it all going smoothly.

Next little bit of nervous energy….my first piano lesson is in 2 hours.  "Love" you are my inspiration.  My girls have taken lessons over the years, and I have played around with what they learned.  My typing is better that my playing.  I am hoping that I can get these hands to hit more than one key at a time.

Stop over to Design Wall Monday to see what others are working on.  Judy always hosts a great Linky Party.  Ooops, no Linky party yet.  I will add the link when if it pops up.

Just Another Quilter


  1. What a pretty quilt, and your quilting is absolutely beautiful! Not sure how I could be an inspiration to you, but I can share some advice on learning to play the piano. Learning to play the piano is much like learning to free motion quilt. The more you practice, the better you get, at either one! If I were to practice FMQ as much as I've practiced on the piano over the years, I'd be able to quilt as well as you and several of our other APQ friends. However, I have not put in the time on FMQ, so I'm still struggling, and I'm not happy with my results. I think you'll find the same to be true with playing the piano. No doubt you have the first requirements: love for music, and determination to learn. Those same things apply to quilting too, don't you think? Good luck, and have fun; don't be too critical of yourself during the learning experience! I'm sure you will master those 66 keys as well as you have mastered machine quilting! ---"Love"

  2. The quilting you've chosen for this quilt complements the blocks perfectly. Very nice! Have fun with the piano. I started trying again last year after years away from it, then got tendonitis from something else and somehow never got back to it after the last of the tendonitis cleared up. Perhaps you can be my inspiration. Step one for me - get the piano tuned!

  3. Remember to just enjoy the process. I always wanted to play an instrument but I am not musical at all. I love the quilt you are quilting. The way the blocks flow into each other is so lovely.