Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Saturday Update

Things have been running just a little on the crazy side around here again.  Lola is home with Spring Break and goes back on Sunday.  She was also home a couple weeks ago.  That means we have a parking lot in the driveway.  MJJR finished the basketball season with regionals in a town 90 miles away.  We had 2 games in one week over there.  Makes for some late nights.  The team that won went on to come in 2nd in the state.  We had some great effort until half-time.  MJJR now has her driving permit….she is doing pretty well.  You are always be nervous at first.  She also is now on a traveling basketball team.  Practice is 30 minutes away.  DH is traveling quite a bit.  MJJR and I are heading to Chicago with him during her Spring Break.
On the crafting side of life:  A friend and I went to a knitting retreat an hour away.  The cowl shown in the last post…LOST.  Made a pair of socks.
Made a pair of boot liners.
Newest Project: Clapotis is a free pattern of a beautiful dropped stitch wrap.
DH and I have found Leverage on Netflix.  We like to have our own mini marathon.  The knitting is so portable for this.DSC02805 (1024x849)
Finished the Sticks and Bricks quilt.  Just love the simple quilted circles.  Took a page from Amanda Jean and put on the walking foot and just went for it.
Layered up another quilt on Thursday.  Also awaiting a quilt made in honor of Elaine, one of our Sit-N-Sew's founding members.  Sit-n-Sew layered it on Thursday while DH & I were doing our taxes.  Can't wait to get started.

Keep Quilting,
Just Another Quilter


  1. Sounds like your life has been as jumbled as mine lately, but at least you are making progress. Wish I could say the same! I too love the circle quilting you did. ---"Love"

  2. Great socks. I made some. but they don't fit well around the ankles. Love the quilt and the great quilted circle.
    I like knitting during a Netflix marathon. I have been watching Midsomer Murder lately

  3. You have been so busy but so productive, too. I love all of your projects, knitting and quilting. Everything looks wonderful!

  4. You've been productive with the knitting needles. I like the boot liner idea and I love the colours in the yarn for your latest project.