Tuesday, April 1, 2014


DH is an engineer.  Anyone who knows one has just smiled a little bit.  Most DYI types have some engineering blood in them.  They can make things work, create projects and love when the kids ask someone to "fix this".  My DH made me a quilting frame back in the mid 1990's.  PVC piping was the rage and it allowed you to snap the quilt in place.  DH just "needed" to make me one of those.  The only project that ever made it into the frame was a preprinted cross-stitch panel dad gave me for Christmas.  Eventually it was finished and is MJJR's baby quilt.  The frame has been mostly dismantled over the years.  It did work great for the girls forts and occasionally a clothes drying rack.

It now has a home….DSC02814 (1024x783)

Check out my "engineer" skills.  One fancy greenhouse.  The spinach, radishes and peapods are planted.  The unit is sitting over the dryer vent for a little extra warmth right now. 

With the extra tough winter the fish in the lake didn't fair too well.  Fishing so far this year just requires a net as the carcasses drift to the edge.  Most of the lake is still frozen.  More fish turn up every day.  The DNR is recommending all large fish come out.  Currently the 'coons are leaving the bird feeders alone.  Lots of bones can be found around the lake.  It does help that we do not have to drag all the dead stuff away.  Mother Nature at her best.  I just wish she didn't throw such a great winter party with so much snow and cold.

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  1. The greenhouse is a great idea, the frame is perfect for supporting the plastic. It is great when you have multiple uses for a project!

  2. I had one of those PVC frames. Nothing ever made it into that frame and I tossed it when we moved. Just no room for it. Greenhouse would have been a great idea and overthe dryer vent. Genius! I am looking forward to making up some planters once the weather warms up.

  3. Good idea for the "abandoned" quilt frame! Maybe I should have had one on the patio this past(?) winter. (I am so ready for Spring to come and stay!) ---"Love"

  4. What a great way to re-purpose it!! There has been fish kills all over the place this winter. Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  5. Oh yes, a grin from me. My dad is an engineer, and very thrifty besides, so he "fixed" many things growing up. Never mind that hot is now cold and cold is hot on the faucet, but don't remind him that he had to get a second snake to get the first snake out of the sink drain. Or rather that he had to cut the pipe to get them both out that time! But he's built some great things over the years and has grand plans always. So I love your quilt frame. I'm a little worried though, now, about the fish. I hadn't thought of the hard winter affecting them, but my hubby just bought a new boat and if the fish are that easy to catch, the new lures he bought will be useless, never mind the boat!

    1. Due to the deep ice and many inches of snow on top of it the lake could not "breathe". The fish are dead. I pulled 12 out in 1 day.