Friday, April 11, 2014

On the Needles

My knitting obsession started when Judy L. at the Patchwork Times, generally a quilting site, kept posting pictures of her socks.  These were some of the coolest socks.  As I had learned how to knit as a child (and hated every minute of it) I knew that at some point I would attempt my own pair of socks.  The time came when I was off to help my dad recover from hip surgery.  A quilting project was much bigger than I wanted.  A couple books checked out from the library followed by a stop at a yarn store and I left for my journey home.  A few dishcloths were made the first couple days.  After I was sure I could knit & purl, the socks were started.  When it was time to "turn the heel" I found our local library had a knitting group.  Now a regular member, MJJR also enjoys going to the group and working on her homework while we visit and knit.  In the last 2 1/2 years: 4 pairs of socks, a tank top, boot liners and a winter outer cowl (which I promptly lost) have been completed.
This project, Clapotis, was started on March 12th.  My gauge is off just a bit and it isn't as wide as I had hoped.  Maybe an edging is needed.  Currently three more dropped stitch repeats were added past the pattern requirements.  It is supposed to measure 21" x 55".
DSC02847 (1024x550)
  Lola is making the trip home from college for the weekend.  MJJR has a last minute basketball tournament out of town.  DH…working. : (   Lola is home for good at the beginning of next month.  Yeah!  She doesn't really come home to see us….the boyfriend is also home from college for the weekend.
Come back and check out the results of the fabric dyeing class from last week.  Also stop over to Patchwork Times and see what others have on their needles.
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  1. I started knitting January 2007 because of Judy L showing her socks. She had started not too long before that. I first had to learn to knit so I jumped in and today I still feel like a beginner. I am so happy to have this hobby though.

  2. I watched Judy knit socks and they were all great. I don't knit, so just watched and enjoyed. I really love the look of the hand knit socks, just not ready to learn a new hobby. Enjoy, your project looks so pretty!

  3. Judy was my inspiration for starting to learn to knit socks too. My progress is slow because of other commitments and projects, but I am hooked. Your current project has such beautiful yarn colors. Thanks for sharing.

  4. If I were to live to 100 years, I could never do that! I love the color you chose. ---"Love"