Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Christmas Traditions Quilt

Our Christmas Traditions is quickly approaching. Our group of church ladies have met a few times and put together this quilt. We took the leftovers from a project for the local library and put the center "square in a square" portion together. This project pulls stash fabric from many quilters and helps keep the price down. We did purchase the outer border fabric. The quilt was machine quilted on a Juki TL-98.

The event has handmade candies, pies, cookies, homegrown canned jellies and salsas. This year I get to oversee the silent auction room. 

Stop over to Freemotion by the River and see all the designs. 

Just Another Quilter


  1. What a beautiful quilt from "leftovers"! This is a great example of using what you have available. I save all my scraps, they will eventually make a beautiful quilt, too!

  2. Very attractive! And lots of pretties on the link also! ---"Love"